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YouTube today launched a low-cost subscription package for students who want to enjoy an ad-free version of YouTube or its music streaming service, YouTube Music. The new plan is the first significant change to YouTube's music subscription program since it was launched last year. At that time, YouTube also rebranded the YouTube Red subscription free of its ads as YouTube Premium.

For students who qualify, YouTube Music Premium is now $ 4.99 per month, not $ 9.99 per month, and YouTube Premium is now $ 6.99 per month, not $ 11.99 per month.

YouTube also runs a special promotion that offers YouTube Premium for $ 5.99 per month if students register on January 31, 2019. This price will be good for the entire duration of their student membership for up to four years, YouTube said.

YouTube Music Premium competes with Spotify Premium, Apple Music, Pandora Premium, and others, because it offers a way to stream songs on demand, browse playlists, get personalized recommendations, play artist radio stations, and more. But it also serves those who want a video component for their music listening experience. And this provides access to remixes, covers, live versions, and deep cuts that are not available elsewhere.

In addition to deleting advertisements, paid subscriptions for music services include support for listening to backgrounds and offline access through download features, such as its competitors.

Enhancing to YouTube Premium then extends the ad-free experience across YouTube videos – not just music videos – and adds access to YouTube Originals.

It is not unusual if streaming services are done after students at a discount. Getting younger users who are addicted to certain services early can be a valuable long-term strategy – especially in applications that adjust to your likes and interests from time to time. It makes it harder to switch to competitors later, because you lose your personal playlist and your new music advice.

Spotify began offering student packages half the price five years ago, which were expanded throughout the world in spring 2017. Last fall, it also began offering discount packages with Hulu aimed at students, who then added access to Showtime to further sweeten the agreement.

Apple Music also introduced its own student plans in 2016, thereby reducing their subscriptions by 50 percent.

These steps may pay off in terms of growth among young adult demographics. Premium Spotify customers grew to 83 million in Q2 2018, while Apple Music managed to surpass 50 million customers this fall.

By comparison, the right YouTube is much bigger with 1.8 billion monthly users coming in, but the company hasn't shared how many of them pay customers to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium. However, like YouTube Red, this service only reached 1.5 million customers in the first year.

YouTube says full-time students at accredited colleges or universities in the US can take advantage of the prices of new students. The discount will be launched to users in other countries in the future. This service does not require @ eu email, so students can save accounts when they graduate.


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