Toyota Supra 2020 sales of US $ 2.1 million highlight the Barrett-Jackson auction


Last week's Toyota Supra 2020 charity auction surprised many people when it netted US $ 2.1 million at the annual Barrett Jackson event in Scottsdale, Arizona, setting a record for the highest price paid for Japanese cars at auction.

Supra VIN # 20201 is not the most expensive car that crosses the block in Barrett-Jackson, or in Scottsdale in general, the weekend of January 19, but stands out as a spotlight.

The auction CEO, Craig Jackson, himself distributed US $ 1.1 million the day before at another VIN-001 car auction, that for the first Shelby GT500 2020 Ford Mustang – the proceeds were also donated to charity.

Other Ford sales, VIN 001 from the 2019 GT Heritage Edition supercar, also contributed to charity fundraising, sold for US $ 2.5 million when hammered on Saturday; as well as the sale of a collection of four "Bumblebee" Chevrolet Camaros from the Transformers film, which raised US $ 525,000.

bj mustang US $ 2.1 million 2020 Toyota Supra sales highlight Barrett Jackson auctions

The first Shelby GT500 2020 Ford Mustang crosses the auction block in Barrett-Jackson

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Overall, 16 lot of charity cars Barrett-Jackson collected a total of US $ 9.6 million, more than ever raised at a single auction in its 48-year history.

This auction house headquartered in Arizona has raised more than US $ 114 million to charity to date.


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