Sunday , April 11 2021

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office in 2012 with a pledge to revive the economy and end two decades of deflation. After the appointment of Haruhiko Kuroda as governor of the Bank of Japan, the two men launched a stimulus program known as Abenomics.
But now, denies Robin Harding, there are signs of stimulus fatigue in the government and the BoJ. Abe has announced a consumption tax increase, while Mr Kuroda seems ready to tighten monetary policy.
The temptation to get out of the accelerator is understandable, Robin said. But the BoJ must maintain stimulus until inflation is above 2 percent. Giving up now will be a tragic mistake and can lead to recession.
Peter Mandelson, former EU trade commissioner and UK business secretary, said that the Brexit paradox is now clear: Britain can only secure trade without friction with Europe by surrendering control of the rules.
Sarah O & # 39; Connor wrote that large companies that are trying to partner with cities and local governments for ransom must be careful about what they want. Treating people's jobs and hometowns as mere bargains cannot build trust in capitalism.
Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe's president, stated that his government had no choice but to start a series of painful reforms. The future health of the economy depends on it.
Writing from Berlin, Frederick Studemann discovered German thinking about the Weimar Republic when Angela Merkel prepared to leave the political scene. What do you say
An easier way to defeat the giant technology tax strategy: a letter from Paul Forster, Cambridge, England
Legal uncertainty surrounding digital sales tax is definitely the last nail in the coffin of France's plans for European-wide taxation on large technology. A better way to achieve fair taxation is to attack the mechanism used by technology giants to channel profits to low tax jurisdictions. The simple alternative to digital sales tax is to make laws to ensure that all sales of these services are attributable to the countries where their customers live, and to place the cap – based on the percentage of income – on allowable intellectual property royalties.
In response to "Europe must cut a big deal with Italy", DamianB said:
This is a very reasonable proposal. The economy of counter-cyclical ("austerity") policies in the economy with the massive slack capacity that Italy currently has is basically economic suicide. I don't like MS5 or Salvini and the clown, but the alternative will only be to push Italy to the ground and with it the collapse of the Euro Zone which will effectively mean the end of the European Union.
Democrats failed to deceive immigration – twice: a letter from Norwegian Enrique Cruz, Falls Church, VA, USA
Big Read Edward Luce, "Whole Foods Election", is full of common sense. Indeed, if in 2016 and this year, Democrats had admitted that immigration laws were to be enforced, they would dance to the White House two years ago and enter the Senate this year. Today's opinion

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