Saturday , May 8 2021

The Mothlante Commission exposes the ruling party in Zimbabwe

Harare- The Mothlante Commission in post-election violence that took place on August 1 has exposed the ruling party with former youth leader Zanu Pf Harare Jim Kunaka who claimed that the commission was fake.

Kunaka said this while providing evidence before the ongoing Commission.

"It is surprising that Charity Manyeruke sits among the Commissioners, he is a member of PF Zanu in power and holds office in Mashonaland Barat, he is actually a Secretary in the provincial women's league" claims Kunaka

Kunaka said he would not respond to any questions that came from Professor Charity Manyeruke because they planned it together.

"At the same time when I make my contribution, I will answer a few questions and will pass others but I will not take questions from him (Manyeruke) because he is my boss and we will plan together about how to deal with his opponent.

"I know how Zanu PF operates, we were arrested after the August 1 incident for inciting violence but the court has played so that they will play with my defense after I present it here (Commission). I will not say anything because it will be used against me in court, "Kunaka said

Kunaka tried hard to describe how the powerful PF Zanu operated and how they operated during the 2008 election.

"After the 2008 election we were called to a meeting at Zanu PF headquarters, and this meeting will be held in the basement, and at one of the meetings we were told that the country cannot go with pen and paper. This encourages us to commit violence against the opposition and for your own information Zanu PF did not have a constituency in 2008. I then led a team to defeat opposition members and I managed to get several seats in Harare through violence, "he said.

He added that Zanu PF was the only party with militias in the country and they were recruited through the National Youth Service.

"I have no knowledge of any military wing in opposition, if someone claims that, that person is lying. If there is one, the person must bring evidence before the commission, "Kunaka said

Zanu PF is known for its violence against opposition members and more than 4,000 people lost their lives since the formation of MDC in 1999.

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