The hospital operates a unique tobacco box operation


Sharjah: Zulekha Hospital recently conducted a coronary intervention using radial artery access through the tobacco box area on the back of the hand. This unique cardiac catheterization procedure is used to diagnose and treat heart conditions without invasive procedures and this is one of the first procedures performed in the UAE. This is in line with the commitment of the health care group to support Vision 2021 UAE to build a world-class health care system.

The patient was treated at Zulekha Hospital with chest pain and showed all risk factors for coronary heart disease. Stress tests are taken and the results are positive because of the lack of oxygen supply to the heart. The patient is treated for elective coronary angiogram (a special test to show clogged arteries) and the results show two narrowed blood vessels. Interventions are needed and this is resolved using distal radial access through a snuff box where two stents are implanted in the heart.

The Snuffbox is the area in the hand, between the two muscle tendons that control the movement of the thumb. This area is unique because it has a slope and is where the radial arteries are located. Through this artery, the doctor can do cardiac catheterization.

Cardiac catheterization is a procedure used to diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions by inserting a long thin tube called a catheter into the artery through the arm or hand. Here, the doctor can then complete diagnostic and therapeutic tests for the management of heart disease, such as coronary angioplasty. Usually, patients are awake during cardiac catheterization, but are given medication to help them relax.

Recovery time for rapid cardiac catheterization with a low risk of complications.

By operating through the patient's tobacco box and piercing the radial artery, this ensures blood flow to the hand during the procedure. There is also a very low chance of damaging the hand because of the uniqueness of the distal radial technique that bleeding is much easier to control after the procedure.

"The time needed for the procedure varies from patient to patient but also depends on the severity of the disease. We are one of the first hospitals in the UAE to use this method and this is a milestone in the field of research – we always innovate to ensure we provide the best procedures for our patients in line with the country's vision to develop a world-class health care system in 2021. " Dr. Waleed Kadro, Interventional Cardiologist Consultant.

This is a very safe procedure and there is no danger of piercing other arteries. This procedure is more convenient because patients can relax their hands on the side without full arm extension unlike the conventional radial artery approach where the patient has to extend his arms fully which can cause discomfort.

The patient now feels much better and no longer faces problems with his heart or hands. The patient said: "This procedure only takes twelve minutes and causes me to not feel uncomfortable or hinder changes in my lifestyle. My hands feel normal and my chest no longer causes pain and this is thanks to a specialist at Zulekha Hospital who uses modern procedures.


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