Smile All the Way to the Bank with Facebook Ads


Nailing with Facebook Ads is getting easier with the Connect Explore Tool

Over time, I have done SEO, ranking and banking and become content about it. However, until the end of last year, precisely in August 2018, something happened that really made me unbalanced. Google decided to introduce what is called & # 39; Google medical update & # 39; in SEO circles and that one crazy update makes all my ranking keywords can be filtered in seconds. Google became brutal and as such, I could no longer see the success of my affiliate marketing efforts. Imagine this; You have done very well in your marketing efforts and made at least $ 100 per day in passive income and then in the next minute, you are thrown to $ 0 and there is nothing you can do. As you might expect, this makes me depressed and I know that I have to do different things, henceforth.

Enter Facebook Ads

So, I decided to think of other marketing methods. I settled on a Facebook ad and I never looked back. Infact, lately, I've always wondered what I did before not using the crazy way that you can scale up your business with Facebook ads.

Come on, everyone is on Facebook

Look at it this way, everyone who is online, has a laptop, smartphone, or other gadget is most likely on Facebook, right? So, if they want something online, the first place they tend to check is on Facebook. But why not on the search engine? Well, because on Facebook, they hope to see real reviews from other people on the platform who have used services or products and they want to peruse through what they think about the same thing.

But hey, it's not easy

So when I decided to start with Facebook ads, I was sure that I would nail it in a few months. Yes, I am sure to get the attraction but things are not easy. First, I don't really understand how Facebook ads should be arranged. For example, there are several keywords that you should sprinkle throughout your post Unlike Google, Facebook has a different way of ranking their posts when someone searches for something. They are also big in user involvement; meaning they might consider the number of likes, shares, and comments that your posts have collected before they give you a rating.

My ad is not well targeted. Say for example that I want to sell something to people aged 18-25, I should target the post so that it only reaches people and not everyone who might not even give a shout to the post. There are also doubts when people are active on Facebook and that's when you have to post. Facebook also likes visual content because it is very striking and gets the highest viewers.

Enter Connect Explore Tool and Facebook Ads I have never been the same again

When I struggle with Facebook ads and try to find out what time to schedule posts, what are the target demographics, my internet marketer friends that I am looking to come to save me and tell me that there is a tool called Connect Explore that will make you make Facebook ads not like the others.

Now Connect Explore is a software tool that helps you choose the right person you want to reach and then create the best Facebook ads that will please them and make them take action. Different from all the other tools on the market, Connect Explore has access to the Facebook Ads API and hence when you use it, you are sure that you are in line with Facebook's terms and conditions. You can learn more about the tools in Connect Explore Review.

Connect Explore feature that makes me like it

This tool helps you find low competitive keywords that are not targeted by your competitors. This then helps you filter the chaff from the wheat so that you only target profitable keywords and you are sure you can nail them easily. When you set up a running project, it will also help you monitor what you are doing and even stop ineffective advertising.


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