REPORT: Mark Zuckerberg Tries to Get Teenagers Back on Facebook with Hub & # 39; LOL & # 39;


Mark Zuckerberg it won't stop until everyone is on Facebook – or so it seems.

According to several reports, he is looking for ways to roll teenagers back to its flagship social media platform. They become disturbed – even swallowed – in newer, hotter applications like Snapchat, Instagram and ICT tok. He doesn't have it at all.

Sources close to Facebook said Zuckerberg had spent months building what was called LOL. This particular feed is expected to focus on stocks such as memes, funny videos and other short clips that are similar to GIF. Categories include "Animals," "Failed," "Pranks" and dedicated "For You" feed.

TechCrunch have a spoon on LOL. Apparently 100 middle school students have used LOL. Of course, they signed a non-disclosure agreement and asked their parents to sign it.

Speak to TechCrunch, a source in calling the new LOL is "horrified," because it feels like an attempt to cool Facebook and get along with children. Yes, that's exactly what it's trying to do, so that makes sense.

We will wait and see if LOL is really launched for Facebook users.

Source: TechCrunch


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