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Netball World Cup 2019: South Africa missed the final after losing 55-53 to Australia

Losing the narrow South African semifinals

The finals have escaped the South African Netball team, Proteas, after they lost their June 20 semi-finals 55 – 53 points to Australia.

As now, they will push Bronze in their final match in the competition. England and New Zealand play in the other semi-finals which will determine the finalists who meet Australia when South Africa meets the losers.

South Africa is the highest performing African team while the other three African teams have failed to make it to the top four.

Three other African parties are Permata Zimbabwe, Ratu Malawi and She-Cranes Uganda.

South Africa vs. Australia

Africa's top-ranked team, South Africa face defending champions Australia in the first semi-final on Saturday before hosts England compete against New Zealand in the other semifinals.

‘‘ I think, on their day, the four were able to win the World Cup. But based on what we have seen from teams under pressure, Australia must advance to the gold medal match, it will require a lot of things for South Africa to go beyond Berlian, & # 39; & # 39; said Northern Ireland coach Dan Ryan.

July 19: Spotlight Day 8

  • Malawi 55-44 Uganda
  • Zimbabwe 47 – 77 Jamaica

Malawi beat Uganda

Malawi beat Uganda 55-44 to order one place in fifth place play-off match.

This will be the fourth time in a row they compete for fifth in the World Cup.

Malawi will play against Jamaica, while Uganda will face Zimbabwe to determine positions 7 and 8.

Zimbabwe lost to Jamaica

The Zimbabwean jewel lost to Jamaica's Sunshine Girls, who will now have the chance to play the decider for 5th place.

The match ended 77-47 to support Jamaica.

Zimbabwe will now play a defeat from the match between Malawi and Uganda to decide who takes positions 7 and 8.

The penultimate round

South Africa will play a semi-final match against Australian holders on Saturday.

Other African teams are still in battle for fifth place, and will participate in Friday's play-off match.

‘‘ It's amazing to have us all compete again, and this is a great procedure that allows us to have hope to reach fifth place. But all I can say is to let the best team win, we will come with good preparation, "Uganda Peace Proscovia captain ahead of Friday's match.

Zimbabwe takes Jamaica while Malawi will enjoy the opportunity to take Ugandan She-Cranes. The winner of both matches will then play the main determinant for fifth place, while the losers will compete with each other to finish seventh.

July 18: spotlight Day 8

  • South Africa 47 – 58 United Kingdom
  • Uganda 48 – 61 Jamaica
  • Zimbabwe 43 – Malawi 59

South Africa lost to England

South Africa lost the group leaders' determination against England, with 58-47, finishing second in Group G.

The result means The Proteas will now face defending champions Australia, who top Group F in the semi-finals while hosts England will face New Zealand.

Other African teams played to secure fifth place.

Uganda lost to Jamaica

Uganda lost its match from Jamaica on Thursday with 61-48, a blow to their chances of finishing fifth in the Netball World Cup.

‘‘ This is definitely not the result we want, but there are many positive things to take. With Uganda still a rising country in netball, we are pleased with our performance, this is a step forward, "Uganda captain Peace Proscovia said.

Jamaica, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Uganda still have the chance to finish in the top five.

Malawi vs Zimbabwe

Malawi on Thursday sealed a 59-43 victory over Zimbabwe, the match which was the first meeting between the two sides at the World Cup.

‘‘ We are happy because we want to defeat Zimbabwe. They are a strong team and they have done well in their games so far, so we really want to win this match, "said Towera Vinkhumbo from Malawi.

Malawi now have four wins from six matches, their two defeats against Australia and New Zealand.

Zimbabwe, who played in their first World Cup, have secured victories against Barbados, Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland, losing to New Zealand, Australia and now Malawi.

Malawi will now play fourth in Group G to determine who will qualify for fifth place.

"It's sad when we dropped the world ranking, from number six to number nine. We got news when we were here, so we had to make sure we beat all the teams around us.

"We only lost to Australia and New Zealand, and now we want to maintain our position by winning all upcoming matches. That means a lot of finishes in the top six. "

Recap South Africa's trip to the semifinals

July 18: Schedule 7 days

  • Zimbabwe vs Malawi
  • Uganda vs Jamaica
  • South Africa vs. England

African team in the semifinals

Protea South Africa is the only African team in the last four competitions. They joined England (host), New Zealand and Australia (defending champions).

‘‘ This is good news for developing netball in Africa in general. "For South Africa to go up to the top four it is amazing, that's all all Africans do and we are very proud of that," Peace Proscovia from Uganda said.

The Vitality Roses (UK) will face South Africa (Proteas) on Thursday to decide who will top the group. Other African countries in Liverpool are Zimbabwe, Malawi and Uganda.

Day 6: Uganda vs South Africa

African, Ugandan and South African teams clashed on Wednesday with the match benefiting South Africa with 67-40.

This victory ensures a semi-final place for winners who have so far won all four of their matches in the tournament.

Proteas is now joining Australian and New Zealand title holders who on Tuesday qualified for the semifinals with their fifth victory at the World Cup.

Uganda have won three matches so far, only lost to hosts England, and played to improve their 8th place at the 2015 World Cup.

While many observers believe the South African match against England on Thursday will determine the winners of the Group, Proteas has previously stressed that they only focus on tonight's match against She-Cranes.

‘‘ We have the next Uganda, and they are not just the other side, they are a quality side and we will face a big match against them, so we focus on that. Whatever happens elsewhere in the group, we must appear to benefit ourselves, "said Bongiwe Msomi, South Africa.

July 16: spotlight Day 5

  • Zimbabwe 66 – 41 Barbados
  • Australia 74 – 25 Malawi

Zimbabwe's extraordinary journey continues

Zimbabwe's impressive World Cup debut continued on Tuesday with a 66-41 victory over Barbados, as they continued to win many neutral hearts with their performances in the competition so far.

Permata, which has now won four matches and lost two matches, continues to live up to the possibility of getting what will become the historic top six in their first World Cup.

Zim Gems is now on par with Malawi on four points, and plays their African rivals in their final Group F match on Thursday.

Malawi lost to Australia

Defending champions Australia booked their place in the 2019 Netball World Cup semi-finals, after a 74-25 win over Malawi Queens.

While Malawi entered the match by driving three consecutive wins, it was Diamonds who secured the fifth win of the tournament.

The 25 goals scored in the match are the lowest World Cup scores ever conducted by Malawi.

The win moved Australia to eight points, a level at the top of Group F with New Zealand. The two countries meet on Thursday morning, in a match that will determine the group winners.

July 16 schedule

  • Malawi vs Australia
  • Zimbabwe vs Barbados

July 15: spotlight Day 4

  • South Africa 66-38 Scotland
  • Uganda 57 – 54 Trinidad and Tobago
  • Malawi 47 – 43 Northern Ireland
  • Zimbabwe 36 – 79 New Zealand

South Africa maintains a record 100%

Proteas South Africa maintain their 100% record at the Netball World Cup, when they beat Scotland, 66-38.

The win puts African teams in elite clubs that include hosts England, defending champions Australia and New Zealand, who have won all four of their matches in the tournament.

Uganda wins 3 times in a row

Uganda beat Trinidad and Tobago, 57-54 to keep their chances of qualifying for the semi-finals.

The win means She-Cranes have now lost one match, against hosts England, and won three including against Scotland and Samoa.

Who is the representative of Africa?

Malawi got its third win in a row

Queens Malawi won their first match in Group F, beating Northern Ireland, 47-43.

The win was the third in a row in Malawi, and the team ranked 9th in the world, only lost one match at this year's World Cup, the first day they lost to New Zealand.

‘‘ It's a difficult match, it's not easy. Northern Ireland played very well. We work hard as a team. We have fighting spirit, and that allows us to win the match, "Malawi captain Joanna Kachilika said.

The top two teams in Group F which also include defending champions Australia and Barbados, will advance to the semi-finals.

Zimbabwe lost to New Zealand

Zimbabwe's bid for a semi-final place suffered a setback when they lost their first match in Group F to New Zealand.

The match ended 79-36 for Silver Ferns, meaning New Zealand has now secured four wins in four matches, while Zimbabwe has two wins and two defeats so far.

‘‘ It was a pleasant experience to play against New Zealand. We learned a lot, because these girls are good. We are ranked 13th in the world, so we learned a lot from New Zealand, "said Pauline Jani from Zimbabwe.

July 15 schedule

  • Zimbabwe vs New Zealand
  • Northern Ireland vs. Malawi
  • Trinidad & Tobago vs Uganda
  • South Africa vs. Scotland

Who is facing who in stage 2?

After the end of the early stages of the Netball World Cup, 12 teams have now advanced to the next stage.

The 12 teams have been placed in two groups to play in the semi-finals, while the other four teams will compete to determine 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th places.

The groups that compete for the semifinals are as follows;

Group F: Australia, Northern Ireland, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Malawi and Barbados

Group G: Jamaica, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Uganda and Scotland

Previous results against teams in their new group will be carried away, ensuring that the team that secures three wins in the preliminary round goes into the next phase with excellence.

South Africa, along with host England, all Australia and New Zealand holders all topped their groups with maximum points.

The top two teams in both groups will qualify for the semi-finals, while the remaining eight will compete to determine the overall position (5-12) depending on their finishing position in Group F or G.

July 14: Spotlight Day 3

  • South Africa 55 – 52 Jamaica
  • Zimbabwe 51 – 49 Northern Ireland
  • Malawi 65 – 41 Barbados
  • Uganda 52 – 43 Scotland

South Africa wins against Jamaica

Proteas South Africa beat Jamaica with 55 goals to 52 to reach the top position.

The four African representatives in the Netball World Cup have now qualified for the next round, where they will play for one place in the semi-finals.

Zimbabwe secured a second win

Zimbabwe's tournament debut produced another positive result, when they beat Northern Ireland 51-49 in the final match of Group A.

The result meant Zimbabwe qualified for the next round, after securing a second slot behind defending champions Australia, who won all three of their matches in the group stages.

South Africa, Zimbabwe in action

Other African teams, Zimbabwe and South Africa are also in action on Sunday.

Zimbabwe's gems take Northern Ireland while Protea South Africa will hope to maintain their 100% record when they take Jamaica.

Malawi is eligible

The Malawi Queen defeated Barbados 65-41 in a battle to separate the two sides who had defeated Singapore and lost to New Zealand.

Uganda is eligible

She Cranes from Uganda won their second match at the Netball World Cup, beating Scotland with 52-43.

Victory ensured the East African country finished second in Group A, behind hosts England.

June 13: spotlight Day 2

  • South Africa 90-35 Fiji
  • Uganda 69-48 Samoa
  • Malawi 87-38 Singapore
  • Zimbabwe 37-73 Australia

South Africa defeats Fiji

Two wins from two for South Africa, which impressed with a 90-35 victory over Fiji.

South Africa will hope to maintain their 100% record when they face Jamaica, who also won both of their matches so far, tomorrow. The winner of the match will finish at the top of Group C.

Uganda gets its first win

She Cranes from Uganda won 69-48 over Samoa, to ensure that the four African teams in the tournament now have at least one victory.

The hosts, who beat Uganda in their opening Group A match on Friday, recorded their second win in the tournament, beating Scotland with 70-34.

Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa each won victory in the 2019 Netball World Cup.

South Africa, which faces Fiji tonight, has the chance to make it two wins from two.

Malawi secured victory against Singapore

The Malawi Queen secured their first win at the 2019 Netball World Cup, winning against Singapore with 49 goals.

The match ended 87-38, placing Queen Malawi second behind New Zealand and above Barbados and Singapore in Group B.

Malawi, Uganda seeks victory

Malawi and Uganda will play to secure their first win in the tournament, having lost to New Zealand and England respectively.

Queen Malawi will face Singapore, while Uganda's She Cranes will play against Samoa later.

South Africa, which won the opening match against Trinidad and Tobago, will play Fiji on Saturday.

Zimbabwe lost to Australia

The tournament debuted losing to Netball, the Australian giant in their second match, although they still impressed the crowd.

The match ended 73-37 to support the defending champions, who now have two wins from two matches, after beating Northern Ireland in their first match.

Zimbabwe will hope to return to winning ways when they face a European team, who on Saturday sealed a 67-50 victory against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka have now lost both of their matches at the World Cup, after losing their opening day at Permata Zimbabwe.

July 12: Highlight of Day 1

New Zealand 64 – 45 Malawi
Zimbabwe 79 – 49 Sri Lanka
south Africa 76 – 45 Trinidad and Tobago
English 64 – 32 Uganda

South Africa won the opening match

Proteas South Africa started with a victory, recording a 76-45 victory over Trinidad and Tobago.

‘‘ Initially a bit shaky. But in the second quarter, we stepped up. We don't know what to expect, we don't know how they play. Then the second quarter is better, because we can solve the problem, "said Bongiwe Msomi, South Africa.

South Africa will also face Jamaica and Fiji in Group C.

Uganda lost to hosts England

She Cranes in Uganda was no match for the dominant host country, England Roses, who played to win the tournament in front of an enthusiastic host crowd.

Despite the best efforts from the shooting of She Cranes, Peace Proscovia and Rachael Nanyonga, England ran out 64-32 winners to open their World Cup home in a solid manner.

Uganda will also face Scotland and Samoa in Group D.

Malawi lost to New Zealand

Queen Malawi displayed brave performance but eventually surrendered to New Zealand's Sliver Ferns, with a score of 64-45.

The action from Group B also saw Barbados kick off the World Cup campaign with an impressive 69-34 victory over Singapore.

New Zealand will face Barbados tomorrow Saturday, while Malawi will hope for better results in their match against Singapore.

Zimbabwe's historic victory

Zimbabwe have made history, winning their first match at the Netball World Cup. The jewel won their match against Sri Lanka with 79-49, starting what could be a thrilling trip.

‘‘ I'm goose bumps, this is a dream come true! We don't know we have so many people who support Zimbabwe, to see the whole arena support us as it is very interesting, said Zimbabwean shooter Joice Takaidza.

Zimbabwe is one of four African teams in a tournament held in Liverpool, England. The others are Malawi, Uganda and South Africa.

Zimbabwe Gem is in Group A, along with defending champions Australia and Northern Ireland.

"Zimbabwe is something whose quality is unknown and will try to use it against a team that ranks higher," Africanews correspondent Yvonnie Akonda Sundu told us ahead of the tournament.

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In another Group A match, Australia led Northern Ireland in the first round with 45-15. The game finally ended 88-24 for the sake of Australian diamonds.

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