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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed during a media event earlier this week that Microsoft would soon launch a Microsoft 365 subscription service for consumers, after a report stating that such a move was being made. Microsoft 365 isn't exactly new, because it has been available to business users since 2017. However, this new product targets commercial consumers who may already have access to a computer.

Office 365 works on all platforms at this time, as long as you have a valid license. And Office 365 users may have a Windows 10 or macOS computer; therefore they already have an operating system. In other words, it is currently unclear what the Microsoft 365 bundle will offer consumers, and Nadella does not explain further.

"I think of Microsoft 365 as a two-sided market," Nadella said Threshold. "What we do with Office 365 or what we will soon talk about as Microsoft 365 consumer subscriptions, it will be a full-fledged consumer business."

The logical guess is that Microsoft 365 includes all Microsoft software solutions that consumers need, with special emphasis on Windows 10 device owners. Products like Office 365 and Skype can easily be included in the subscription, as well as some Windows 10 benefits that go beyond licenses.

As I said earlier, most Office 365 users already have computers, including Windows 10 machines. Although some people might want to build their own desktops and buy Windows 10 separately, it is possible that most consumers get their Windows 10 licenses by buying hardware new. Microsoft can also include game related services in the Microsoft 365 bundle. After all, if it's Microsoft 365, it must include all Microsoft products.

Speaking of hardware, Microsoft 365 can certainly grow into a service that will allow users to buy Microsoft hardware, including the Surface and Xbox brands, cheaper than before. But it's also speculation from you. Microsoft already has hardware programs, including Surface All Access and Xbox All Access, which should make it more affordable for consumers to buy new Microsoft hardware.

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