Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott plan another baby 'faster than later & # 39;


The Kardashian family suffers from baby fever and Kylie Jenner is the newest member of the family who states that they want to have more children.

With Kim Kardashian going to have a replacement by the mother when summer arrives, Kylie Jenner has revealed that she wants to make Stormi's 11-month-old daughter an older sister.

A source told People that Kylie wanted to have another baby with Travis Scott and he felt sad now, so urged him to hurry.

Kylie and Travis can give birth to babies faster than later

They revealed that the couple, "wanted another baby," and that, "Travis has adjusted his work schedule so he can spend as much time as possible with Kylie and Stormi."

Insiders believe that baby number two will be announced, "faster than later."

The 21-year-old model wants to have a big family, like his sister in Kardashian and the source said that 26-year-old Scott would, "bent over backwards to serve Kylie and Stormi."

Kylie and Stormi are on vacation

Travis was open about the desire to have a son and previously told Rolling Stone, "God, I need a son."

Not only that, other children can be the right time for him to ask Kylie questions.

He had teased before that there was only one obstacle that stopped him from kneeling down.

Travis said: "We will get married soon. I have to be strong. I have to apply by fire."

Kylie Jenner ponders what the child will be like

Stars Keeping Up The Kardashians Kylie previously admitted that she was not ready for another baby, even if it was in her long-term plan.

Back in October, Kylie held a question and answer session on Snapchat with Jordyn Woods and that's when she said that Stormi's siblings would be perfect.

Good news for 125 million Kylie followers on Instagram, because he said that there would be no secret and news of pregnancy would be on social media at the earliest opportunity.

Kylie Jenner hopes to extend her family this year

Kylie said: "When I do it, I want to share more with you."

The bad news for Travis is that Kylie will love another girl, and the opportunity to give her a more feminine name.

Of course, they must embrace whatever is handled by nature.

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