Kenyan police officers in court for the murder of British aristocrats as mothers testified to crying


THe was the mother of a British nobleman who died in police custody on Tuesday crying in court when four Kenyan police officers were tried on charges of murder.

Alexander Monson, 28, son of a colleague, was found dead in police custody in 2012 after what the officer claimed was a drug overdose.

He was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana after a night out at the Diani beach resort near Mombasa. Police officers have been accused of beating Monson to death.

His mother, Hilary Monson, cried when he told the court in Mombasa that his son had not become a drug addict at the time of his death.

He said: "I know my child, like many other young people, uses drugs. He has problems at one point, but he has gone through a lot of suffering to solve them."


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