Janhvi And Arjun Kapoor At Anshula Being & # 39; Abused & # 39; After Koffee with Karan


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Anushla Kapoor is being controlled, abused and threatened because he seems to have chosen to help Arjun Kapoor instead of Janhvi during a friendly competition in Koffee with Karan 6 is all that is wrong with social media. A part of the internet called Anshula was biased against Arjun while some called it "cruel and rude." "Anshula, you are a very mean girl around Jhanvi and Khushi" – comments like this are posted on social media. Janhvi, during a conversation with Priyanka Chopra for a direct session on Facebook & # 39; Social For Good & # 39 ;, said that Anshula received a "threat of rape" for not helping Janhvi leave the program.

Arjun Kapoor, angry with hate comments targeting Anshula, tweeted on Wednesday: "Something I consider a non-absolute problem in Koffee With Karan has been increased to the abused anula and I cannot be bothered by the protocol anymore. F ** all trolls who want to hurt my sister. I hope your mother or sister does not need to go through what you have passed. "

Host Karan Johar also supported Arjun and added: "This is a harmless game and does not guarantee this response! People really need to stop this intense negativity."

While talking about the impact of social media trolling, Janhvi said: "People are always quick to judge on social media … My sister has recently been trolled on social media for something ridiculous that happened in Koffee With Karan. He began to get the threat of rape and it was strange to me because people on social media were not faceless. They feel they can have opinions that can sometimes cross moral boundaries. So when I put things on social media, I think about that. I feel protective of them, what people say about them. "

In the last episode Koffee with Karan 6, Arjun Kapoor shared Koffee couch with Janhvi, where they talked about the dynamics of their relationship after Sridevi (mother Janhvi) died in February this year. In the face-to-face segment of the program, Karan Johar asks Janhvi and Arjun to call a family member and ask them to say, & # 39; Hey, Karan, it's me. & # 39; Janhvi calls Anshula's number and as soon as she picks up the phone, Arjun asks her not to say anything. Arjun won the round and the Internet condemned Anshula for not helping Janhvi.

The day after the episode aired on TV, Janhvi shared a picture of her and Anshula. The comments section is immediately filled with negative comments about Anshula. In response to an Instagram user, who accused Anshula of siding with Arjun, Janhvi wrote: "He could not hear me and asked me after the event ended about what the call was."

The following post that Janhvi shared on Monday:


Arjun and Anshula Kapoor are Boney Kapoor's children with their first wife Mona Shourie while Janhvi and Khushi are Boney Kapoor's and Sridevi's daughters.

Janhvi debuted in Bollywood against Ishaan Khatter in 2018 film Dhadak.


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