How Demi Lovato Remains Committed to Her Health Outside of Rehab


Almost four months since he was hospitalized, Demi Lovato maybe back and about, but the recovery is ongoing.

The songstress was photographed in Los Angeles this weekend outside Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills in a car with a designer Henri Alexander Levy. Saturday's record came after a star sighting in September near his rehab facility. On Sunday night, he is seen again with Levy getting ice coffee at Coffee Bean before heading to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a source says to E! News. "For everyone's sake smile and be happy," said the source.

Amid all the new sightings of the 26-year-old Grammy candidate, his fans might wonder what will happen next to the recovering star. As a source told E! News, he might come out of rehabilitation, but his treatment is still in process.

"He quit rehabilitation last week, but his treatment is underway. He will undergo a therapy session and attend the meeting," said a source. "This will be a lifelong commitment and the treatment will not end because he is out of rehabilitation."

Lovato, who struggled with substance abuse in the past, plans to "relax and not expose herself to risky situations," the insider added. "He really wants to relax and exercise and do everything he can to stay healthy. He wants to put what happens behind him and move forward committed to his health and make the right choice."

The source said, "He feels this is a new beginning and he is very fortunate to have it."

To caring fans, rest assured: "He is really great."

This is good news from the initial world news last month when it was confirmed that Lovato had been rushed to hospital after an overdose.

"I just feel like the reason he lives today is because of the millions of prayers that went up that day when everyone knew what was happening," his mother Dianna de la Garza said during the September interview with Newsmax TV. "I don't think he will be here if not for the prayers and good doctors and Cedars-Sinai. They are the best. I can't ask for a better team to save his life."

Meanwhile, in his own public letter a month before, Lovato broke his silence at the hospital and convinced his fans that he would continue to progress in his recovery.

"I now need time to heal and focus on my calm and the path to recovery," he wrote. "The love that you all show me will never be forgotten and I look forward to the day when I can say I'm out on the other side. I will continue fighting."


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