Buy an iPhone SE for $ 249 in the Apple Clearance while the inventory is still there


While the last stock, Apple lists the iPhone SE for $ 249 on its permission site. Apple stopped selling the iPhone SE last September, and all new products display designs without the home button with larger screens …

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If Apple sells out of what appears to be the last stock of the remaining iPhone SE outside India (where Apple is domestically producing just that market for mobile phones), don't be afraid.

Third-party retailers continue to sell the iPhone SE in quantity, often at lower prices than those offered by Apple Clearance Store.

You can get an iPhone SE from Amazon for $ 150 and eBay keeps the factory list opening new iPhone SE models in various configurations under $ 200.

As many people want certain form factors, SE represents the past era. Modern iOS designs rely on interface controls that are clearly designed with larger screen hardware in mind.

Even general UI like status bar items are often truncated to fit on a screen that is very limited to horizontal and vertical space.

It is possible that Apple released an iPhone with a screen smaller than 5.8 inches in the future, but it is very unlikely that it will return to the screen as small as 4 inches. You could say, what Apple needs is a modern iPhone for $ 350, not a modern iPhone screen measuring 4 inches.


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