BioWare Seduces & # 39; Next Great Mass Effect Game & # 39; For N7 Day


BioWare recently sent a message to fans announcing that it plans to work on the next one Mass effect the game, confirm the franchise is not dead because some critics might believe. The company recently released a video message for fans in honor of N7 day.

First Mass effect a game released in 2007 and bringing players to unknown parts of the galaxy, leading them to adventures that allow them to control how the story is played through dialogue and game choices. The title is so popular that the other two games follow, completing the original Mass effect trilogy. Hoping that lightning might strike again, BioWare released a fourth title, Mass Effect: Andromeda, which introduces character figures and new stories to players. However, many feel Andromeda is a big failure for franchising. Gameplay is full of bugs and problems, and the story seems rushed and not well thought out. After a disappointing release AndromedaMany fans believe that the Mass Effect franchise is officially over.

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New video message from BioWare, though, there are more instructions Mass effect title in the future of the company. Video, which celebrated N7 Day, featured statements from BioWare fans and employees, including comments about making "Next is good Mass effect game." Watch the full video below.

N7 is an unofficial annual holiday when Mass effect fans gather to celebrate their appreciation of the franchise. The 2018 N7 video message highlights what N7 Day means for BioWare fans and employees, demonstrating a video game franchise that has held people together for more than a decade.

Many fans believe Mass effect franchise dies after failure Andromeda. Even a producer from the title recognizes the game "Very disabled." Not only was it proven the game was hurriedly thrown together and released before it was ready, but compared to the previous trilogy, it was just not suitable for fans or critics. But the good news is that franchising will continue. The statement in the video supports something BioWare said before: developers still have plans for it Mass effect in the future. However, BioWare's focus is currently active Anthem, Upcoming MMORPG from the developer.

With that new indication Mass effect no doubt going back, fans can now expect BioWare to take the lessons learned Andromeda mistake and create something worthy of the original trilogy.

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