11 TV Shows and Movies to Watch Sunday January 20 2019


Some midseason returns TV shows is happening this week, from Super woman for Fascinated and the favorite series of all those who have starred in Meghan Markle, Suit. Unfortunately, some of these shows are back one last time. Kimmy Schmidt can be solved close the shop after these last few episodes, as is Spacious City, so get this comedy gold while you can.

Below, all TV shows and films to be seen this week:

Super woman: New episode of the fourth season returns tonight. 8 P.M. ET at CW

Fascinated: Like the first season Fascinated reboot, which offers a more inclusive cast and progressive storyline. 9 NIGHTS. ET at CW

Celebrity Brother: Housemates include Kato Kaelin, Ryan Lochte, Dina Lohan, Joey Lawrence, and Anthony Scaramucci. 8 P.M. ET on CBS

Company: This new 30-minute TV program centers on two employees of a large conglomerate company who feel their work is unbearable. Tonight's episode features YouTuber and comedian Chris Fleming. 10:30 NIGHT. ET in Central Comedy

Siesta Key: This show was my obsession when it first aired, and fortunately it returned for more shenanigans on the beach. The battle of beautiful rich people is really my favorite thing. 9 NIGHTS. ET on MTV

Suit: Unfortunately, Meghan Markle doesn't return (as reported), but it still shows addiction. 10 P.M. ET in the US

Spacious City: Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson made us laugh for four seasons, but unfortunately the beginning of the end tonight. 10 P.M. ET in Central Comedy

The other two: Two adult brothers (Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver) were thrown into the biggest circle when their 13-year-old brother became famous overnight. What happens when you really, well, two other brothers? (Do you understand the title now?) 10:30 NIGHT. ET in Central Comedy

Kimmy Schmidt can be solved: I was very upset with this last episode so I have been streaming original theme songs for hours. Streaming on Netflix

We are Marshall: This beloved 2006 sports drama starring Matthew McConaughey will leave Hulu in February, so get your cry now. Go Upstream in February

Project Runway Trailer: See a new teaser for Bravo 's Runway project reboot, featuring Karlie Kloss as the host and Christian Siriano, Nina Garcia, and former Vogue Teen Editor Elaine Welteroth as a judge. Follow the show on Instagram here.

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