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Which areas do cash flow real estate investors move?


Last time, not only Hung Thinh, but also many other large real estate companies such as Novaland, Him Lam, Thu Duc House, Dat Xanh, Nam Long … since the beginning of the year so far have not had a new project in the city. HCM was announced to the market. Most transactions in the market mainly focus on secondary supply. Due to the scarcity of supply, demand continues to increase, which causes higher house prices.

Since then, this real estate business has changed the situation by investing in many coastal provinces. According to some experts, some coastal areas in the Central South region such as Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan have been "floating" for more than a year with many city houses / special projects. Large scale beach villa.

The emerging trend shows that provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta (also known as the Western province), stretching from Long An, Tien Giang to Vinh Long, TP. Can Tho and TP. Ha Tien (Kien Giang) created a big competition.

Explaining more about the movement "leaving town to the countryside" this investment, Mr. Le Hoang Chau – Chair of the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association, said that actually, the source of goods from the project is not without, there are even many, but the qualifications for bidding face many difficulties . This difficulty comes from management agents.

"The project is urgent to offer for capital recovery, but project approval meets the requirements to start construction until the project meets the requirements to market all records blocked at specialized institutions. Meanwhile, provinces and cities are very active in attracting investment by supporting policies, making it easier and more convenient for investors to access land locally, forcing many real estate companies to leave the main area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City to neighboring provinces as above, especially the western province has a very open communication system ", Mr. Chau said.

In fact, Long An province is trying to implement many major traffic routes, which connect with Ho Chi Minh City and provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta region. Usually, recently, three provinces, namely Ho Chi Minh City, Long An and Tien Giang, agreed to develop an investment plan to connect the three shared regions.

Since then, a new wave of investment by large companies has "approached" Long An, especially capital "flowing" into increased real estate. Reportedly, many companies such as Vingroup, Hoan Cau, Thanh Thanh Cong, Him Lam Land, Bang Duong, T & T Group, Nguyen Kim, Van Thinh Phat, … are also interested in proposing investment policies and public development. and urban areas in Long An province.

Meanwhile, Vinh Long is located in the center of the Mekong Delta, which lies between the Tien River and the Hau River, about 136km north of Ho Chi Minh City and from the City. Can 33km to the south. Thanks to investment policies expanding the system of roads and bridges, stimulating the tourism industry in rivers and increasing markets, the province's real estate market has appeared in many real estate companies such as Thinh Corp LinkHouse and Hung .., Hoang Quan Group and Vingroup have helped regions complete accommodation requests , creating new resilience for the market.

Similarly, other regions also have a "hot fever" market, starting in late 2018, real estate in the city. Can Tho is actively traded, especially land in residential areas with good prospects, "hotter" than plots with "red books". Some real estate giants such as Novaland, FLC, Vingroup, Thu Duc House and Tran Thai … have emerged along with a number of projects that have been carried out on a large scale.

It can be said that the Phu Quoc pearl island has so far been regarded as one of the "unique" investment positions in the south coast region. However, Kien Giang province called for investment in several other potential areas. Therefore, cash flows tend to move to places that appear.

Mr. Pham Vu Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Kien Giang recently told Kien Giang over the past few years, along with economic development, the real estate market Kien Giang has grown rapidly. about products and market segments. Many housing projects, urban areas, new urban areas, commercial areas, services, tourism … were formed to contribute to the market's excitement.

In particular, the real estate market in this province not only developed in the district of Phu Quoc island but also occurred in many other regions, the most interesting now in Ha Tien because this place has just been built. City, especially those that receive almost 80% of the provincial budget for investment in annual traffic infrastructure systems, helps to connect smoothly with Phu Quoc Island or …

According to the City report. Ha Tien, in 2020, the city has 210 projects that require urgent investment, such as: Ha Tien Highway – Rach Gia – Bac Lieu (estimated investment of 45,000 billion VND) to help connect directly to the Chau Doc highway – Can Tho – Soc Trang and Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong – Can Tho – Ca Mau;

The coastal corridor project (investing more than VND 8,000 billion) has a starting point from Bangkok (Thailand) through Cambodia and ends in the city of Ca Mau with a total length of 950 km. Parts that pass through 217 km of Vietnam have the first point at Ha Tien's International Border Gate.

The Ha Tien Project – Phu Quoc Overpass (expected investment capital of VND 7,000 billion) was proposed by Singapore's leading real estate group and has worked with local authorities; Ha Tien Ferry – Phu Quoc (investment capital of 550 billion VND); Project to increase National Highway 80 through the City of Ha Tien; N1 National Highway improvement project; New passenger and ferry transport development projects and investment projects to build services – trade – tourist areas in To Chau – phase 1 (Thanh Thoi Company) …

In particular, the Lo Te – Rach Soi (National Highway 80) project has just been completed by the Ministry of Transportation until March 2020. The project has an investment of VND 476 billion, which is considered to be Kien Giang's lifeline connected with the West. In addition, the Vam Cong bridge will open traffic on May 5/2019, ending the situation of "crossing the river ferry" on the route Ho Chi Minh City – Ha Tien.

Regarding real estate, according to data from the City People's Committee. Ha Tien, until now, there are almost 50 projects with a total registered capital investment of more than 7,000 billion VND invested in this place. In particular, Nam Ha Tien Urban Tourist Area (A.C.M Trade and Limited Construction Company); project for marine eco-tourism, Hon Tre Vinh island and Hon Duoc island, Hai Pirate islands (T & T production and trading company);

Investment project to build a coastal entertainment area in the tourist area of ​​Mui Nai (joint-stock tourism service company Mui Nai – Ha Tien); investment project to build Ha Giang industrial cluster (Ha Tien Fishmeal Company Limited); Housing project of Cuu Long Cuu (Cuu Cuu Long Co., Ltd.); island project of Dong Ho cultural park and ecological village (Tran Thai Real Estate Company Limited),

Not to mention, according to the disclosure of the real estate development unit in Ha Tien, the upcoming coastal city will receive large capital flows from many prestigious investors. For example, Vingroup revealed plans to build high-class commercial and service areas in the center of Ha Tien's new urban area. City Land also immediately held several activities at Mui Ong Cop, preparing a plan to enter this potential market.

Or like the Ha Tien Venice Villas project developed by C & T recently. It is known that this is the first project that integrates more than 20 top-notch utilities for tourism resorts such as the whole view of Ha Tien Bay, a coastal pedestrian area longer than 1 km only in the DB.SCL, 2 infinity pools in the middle of the sea, the field tennis, air golf courses, restaurants, cafes, Renaissance Square, Italian style art parks, …

According to Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Kien Giang province has beaches located in the Gulf of Thailand rather than in the East Sea like other provinces. This is the difference between the marine environment here. The sea part of Rach Gia to Ha Tien which was poured into Phu Quoc is a strategic position to develop tourism real estate.

"Kien Giang must start developing real estate from tourism. This ensures the uniqueness and appeal of this province," Vo said.

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