What is Jordan's most dangerous "killer"?


"Jordan's Messi" is a good "Jordan's Robben", which is a beauty that people use to praise Musa Al-Taamari. Only that is enough to see the strength of this player, it is a very frightening dribbling ability.


Musa Al-Taamari is the most dangerous Jordan player

There are incredible statistics about the genius of Jordan football. When he played for Al Jazeera in the AFC 2018 Cup (also known as the Asian Cup), the player had a total of 35 successful passes, just behind Mohammad Haidar.

The impressive appearance in the tournament brought Musa Al-Taamari to Europe. Scouts from APOEL Club (Cyprus) are too sophisticated to recognize the talents of every winger.

Jordanian newspapers call it "the biggest transfer in Jordanian history" and even Musa Al-Taamari is classified as "special talent" for Asian football.

In fact, the challenge in Europe in the colors of APOEL clothes cannot stop the 21-year-old attacker. After 11 matches for the richest traditional club of Cyprus, this striker has scored … 7 goals.

Fiorentina, a club that has traditionally sought "strange stars" to develop into talent (in the current Fiorentina squad which has many bright young players) has sent experts to follow every step of Musa Al-Taamari. This means that the chances of moving to Serie A with young Jordanian talents will not be far away.

Maybe, Fiorentina's scouts are very happy after seeing Musa Al-Taamari's appearance at the 2019 Asian Cup. There is a lot of attention for the Vietnam team. The winger placed Jordan's three goals in the group stage. In the match against Australia, Musa Al-Taamari who helped create the only goal for Bani Yaseen to help Jordan win.


These players are like "Messi of Jordan" or "Robben of Jordan"

Then, the match against Syria, the star born in 1997 also contributed 1 goal and 1 assist passed to the table. In the match against Palestine, Musa Al-Taamari did not have to play due to suspension. That means, this player may be the most productive when facing coach Hang Seo's Park team.

Speaking of Musa Al-Taamari, APOEL teammate, Tommy Oar commented: "In this year's Cyprus Championship, he deserves to be the best player. He is an agile player and can do anything with his left foot. As soon as I saw him debut at the club, I told myself that this person would make a surprise. Musa Al-Taamari looked very normal but when he played in the Champions League and European League qualifiers, he tore up many nets.

In Jordan and APOEL teams, Musa Al-Taamari played at right-back position. This player tends to stick in the middle of competition like a conductor. In today's match, this player will face directly with Vietnamese left back (most likely Doan Van Hau). Blocking Jordan's most dangerous stars is not easy because his players are strong in speed, technique and surfing ability.

This will be the person who needs attention by Coach Taman Hang Seo. Only to stop the Musa Al-Taamari explosion, Jordan's attack capability will be greatly affected.



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