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West Brom vs Crystal Palace result: Victory destruction

The number 1 forward’s return immediately helped Crystal Palace regain a sense of victory.

At home, West Brom entered the game relatively confidently with good ball possession skills. Meanwhile, Palace are still alone with a counter-attacking style that lurk, and in strong situations they have a goal.

In the 8th minute, Wilfried Zaha on the second day immediately showed the importance of indirectly causing Furlong on the side of West Brom to score an own goal. However, the equalizer was quickly secured through Gallagher’s goal in the 30th minute.

Straight West Brom 0-1 Crystal Palace: Own goal Photo 1
Palace had an early opener

Before the second half was over, West Brom suffered heavy losses when Pereira was disqualified after kicking an opponent.

With only 10 men remaining, West Brom’s coaching staff made an immediate adjustment early in the second half, but that only helped them hold on for 10 minutes. Within just 10 minutes of the 56th minute, Zaha and Benteke took turns setting up after many braking situations, turning the home side’s every opportunity in smoke.

Direct West Brom 1-4 Crystal Palace: Goals in a row Photo 1
Zaha completes the brace

In particular, Wilfried marked his comeback with two goals, which deserved the title of Player of the Year. With this sharp victory, Palace moved up to 11th with 16 points. Meanwhile, West Brom could not be separated from the group holding the red light.

Final: West Brom 1-5 Crystal Palace


  • West Brom: Johnstone, Ajayi, Ivanovic, Bartley, Furlong, Gallagher, Sawyers, Phillips, Pereira, Grant, Diangana
  • Palace: Guaita, Clyne, Kouyate, Cahill, Van Aanholt, Milivojevic, McArthur, Zaha, Schlupp, Eze, Benteke

Premier League ranking round 11

The schedule for the 11th round of the Premier League

(Main developments | Photo: Getty)


82 & # 39;: KE !!! (West Brom Crystal Palace 1-5)

Benteke handled it calmly in the penalty area, before a corner to complete the double

81 ‘: Zaha was released, and was replaced by Batshuayi

73 ‘: Palace played very relaxed after leading 3 goals

68 & # 39;: ENTER !!! (West Brom 1-4 Crystal Palace)

Zaha kept writing his name on the electronic board after getting the ball in the penalty area

60 ‘: ENTER !!! (West Brom Crystal Palace 1-3)

Van Aanholt makes a smooth pass for Benteke to easily bang his head against the empty net

56 ‘: VĂ€OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (West Brom 1-2 Crystal Palace)

From the left wing, Zaha wholeheartedly put the ball in a dead end corner of the home team’s goal

West Brom 1-2 Crystal Palace straight: Zaha prints Photo 1
Zaha kicks his skills

53 ‘: STOP

Van Aanholt makes a dangerous finish from near the penalty area, but goalkeeper Johnstone plays

51 ‘: With only 10 men remaining, West Brom struggled to keep the score

West Brom 1-1 Crystal Palace Jump: Respond continuously Photo 1




44 ‘: SHOW

Eze shot very hard from outside the penalty box, but too inaccurate

38 ‘: NOT ON

Gary Cahill takes a very strong shot in the penalty area, but the West Brom defender does the trick

33 ‘: RED CARD

Pereira is disqualified after over-kicking Van Aanholt

30 & 39; KE !!! (West Brom 1-1 Crystal Palace)

From the second line, Gallagher’s young midfielder put his heart in a dead corner of the visitors’ goal

West Brom 1-1 Crystal Palace Jump: Respond continuously Photo 1
Gallagher equalized for West Brom

26 ‘: UP

West Brom continued with a goal-threatening situation, but fortunately, they still didn’t smile at them

West Brom Jump 0-1 Crystal Palace: Respond continuously Photo 1


The goal cleared Furlong’s fine header

17 ‘: Sawyers received a yellow card for annoying Schlupp

14 & # 39;: SCORE

Pereira volleyed comfortably in the penalty area but Guaita played with concentration

8 ‘: ENTER !!!! (West Brom 0-1 Crystal Palace)

From Zaha’s very uncomfortable cross, Furlong accidentally put the ball into the home goal

4 ‘: NOT IN

Zaha slowly turned his foot over Brom’s defender and fired a shot that missed the post

1 ‘: West Brom served first


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