Vingroup officially opened the commercial center and hotel complex in Hai Phong


On January 19, Vingroup Corporation inaugurated a 45-storey tower in downtown Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong.

The commercial center complex of Vincom Plaza and the 5-star Vinpearl Hotel Hotel Imperia Hai Phong, is expected by investors to be an attractive destination from the city of Port.

With a height of 45 floors, designed according to the river flow simulation, this complex has a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire city, which is located on the two rivers Cua Cam and Thuong Ly.

"From this tower, visitors can admire the light square to more than 3 hectares of urban areas and the chimney relics from the Hai Phong cement factory are maintained intact, noting calendar signs, the history of the red phoenix city," said the investor representative.

This project is located in a central location, adjacent to many arterial roads. From here, visitors can easily move to the city administration center or visit famous tourist attractions such as Cat Ba Island, Do Son Beach, Long Pagoda Tuong Pagoda, Lan Bay Ha …

The tower structure consists of two categories, 45-storey 5-star international standard hotel, 362 comfortable rooms with neoclassical style.

The ballroom accommodates 900 guests.

The ballroom accommodates 900 guests.

Restaurant, bar system at Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong on the 4th floor impresses with the Phoenix Lounge, Riva Restaurant, and the Harbor Restaurant network serving Asian – European – Vietnamese menus and local specialties due to the processing of professional chefs.

Sky Bar is located on the 43rd floor where visitors can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Hai Phong city. Guests of the resort at Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong also have the opportunity to experience top-class services and facilities such as a spa, gym, 4-season swimming pool with Aqua Bar … in a luxury resort room.

The meeting room system at Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong is quite diverse, including a ballroom that accommodates 900 guests, 4 private meeting rooms equipped with modern and luxurious equipment with sound and light in accordance with international standards. This is considered the right choice for organizing the event, is the space for wedding receptions or important regional and international conferences and conferences, investors hope.

Located on the block to the tower is the commercial center of Vincom Plaza, which presents a shopping, entertainment and trendy cuisine experience to the port city.

With a total area of ​​almost 20,000 m2, Vincom Plaza Imperia Hai Phong brings together well-known brands such as Nike, Levi's, Li-Ning, Jeans CK, Giordano, H: Connect, Boo Bo Sua, Aristino; accessories from Aldo, PNJ, Samsonite, Galle Watch; Shiseido Cosmetics, Faceshop, Think Nature …

It is also a place of entertainment and entertainment that is suitable for young people and tourists when carrying the VR virtual reality gaming experience, CGV international cinema theater, entertainment area PowerBowl 388 with 1,000m2.

Aqua Park, 4 season swimming pool.

Aqua Park, 4 season swimming pool.

Visitors come here to enjoy culinary names such as Alfreso restaurant, Hotto hot rice, Jollibee, Viet Street fried chicken and coffee and milk tea shops … serving customers of all ages.

"The Vincom Plaza complex and 5-star Vinpearl hotel Hai Phong Imperia Hotel was officially opened as an important event which opened in 2019, marking the launch of the 32nd member of the Vinpearl brand and the 66th Vincom national trading center", representatives from VinGroup said.

The tower also complements the urban area utilities Vinhomes Imperia, creating attractive destinations, contributing to attracting domestic and international visitors to the city of Hai Phong.

Ha Truong

From now until the end of April 19, visitors come from the Hai Phong resort room at the Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong hotel, which prioritizes rooms with two people, from 2.2 million VND per night (including 2 meals).

Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong offers a 20% discount on room rates and culinary service rates, a 50% discount on spa services, free drinks, and various other incentives for accommodation and meeting services at the hotel.

Entertainment and entertainment week celebrating the opening of the 4 season swimming pool will bring many interesting programs such as enjoying one of 10 special drinks, enjoying a music party, lucky draw … Details contact the hotline 1900636600 and website: .


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