The Prime Minister wants to test more aggressively with the Ministers


On the afternoon of January 21, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired the summit meeting in 2018, mobilizing the 2019 operation plan from the Prime Minister's Working Group.

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The Prime Minister presides at the summit meeting in 2018, mobilizing the 2019 task of the Prime Minister's Working Group

19 special tests, countless procedures need to be deleted

Reviewing the results after almost 3 years of operation, the Minister, Chair of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung – Head of the Prime Minister's Task Force emphasized the Prime Minister's guideline in building and perfecting institutions was to abandon the idea of ​​"entering", "policy corruption", working groups. reduce barriers, licensing children to cause problems for people and businesses.

The task force is also responsible for detecting barriers related to institutions and policies in a timely manner, making it easier to create loopholes for officials to commit harassment and negative tasks.

Minister Mai Tien Dung also said that the problem of stagnation in administrative reform; shortcomings and weaknesses in increasing investment and the business environment are immediately addressed and corrected.

In particular, 19 special inspections and business conditions were found and stated specifically and frankly by the working group.

Since then, the working group has been pushing the ministry to change, refraining from, avoiding, creating positive effects, creating fundamental changes in quality and quantity to leave a strong footprint on society, plus domestic and foreign companies.

According to the head of the Government Office, the operation of the Prime Minister's working group has had a strong overflow effect on strengthening discipline and administrative discipline in the direction and administration of ministries and branches. local in carrying out tasks.

"Many difficult, complicated and urgent tasks that directly affect people's lives are resolved and dealt with immediately", Minister Mai Tien Dung specifically emphasized the spirit of market demand, which is said to be running together. by doing and the point of view "my house must be good before asking for another good home".

Increase self-motivation, reduce the attractiveness of the Prime Minister

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The Minister, Chair of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung reported the operation of the Prime Minister's working group in 2018

If you realize the status of many mechanisms and policies, but do not live a practical life or immediately eliminate the problem, which leads to problems of group benefits, policy corruption, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc reaffirmed the decision to form a group. Worked in mid-2016 to examine, urge, and handle.

It also aims to prevent stagnation in society, in the bureaucracy and avoid "shooting the heavens and the earth justly".

"That's what he said, he kept saying, but alive or not, depending on whether or not, the Prime Minister noted that the working group was born to complete these urgent tasks.

The Prime Minister recorded results after 3 years of operation from the working group, a strong implementation initiative, urging ministries, agencies and institutions from the administrative reform group to facilitate the first environment. personal business.

The Prime Minister noted that there is a legal loophole that must be adjusted, through working groups, many urgent problems have been focused on resolving: "Maintaining procedures, asking for a mechanism of giving, creating a burden, facilitating corruption".

The Prime Minister considered that the working group had put pressure on ministries and administrative institutions in political instruments to reform, innovate and prevent stagnation in state institutions. The Government Leader said that the point was successful, the working group was not an administrative agent but created a sign against stagnation.

The Prime Minister noted and praised the achievements, as well as the spirit and responsibility of the working group. The team has worked with a strong, proactive spirit, not avoiding, not afraid of collisions, especially the Minister-Chair of the Government Office.

However, the Prime Minister said that there was still support in carrying out the tasks; while ministries, agencies and regions that have been examined have not completed their assignments on time, it is reported that they are still asking for a withdrawal; many projects return from month to month.

"It needs to be more aggressive and more honest with the Party Secretary and Party Chairperson, the Minister and Deputy Minister of the province on the issue of the tasks assigned by the Government and the Prime Minister. Losing my heart before, I then lost my heart, my grandparents still said so . ”- The Prime Minister suggested that the task force must continue the stronger mission in the assigned task.

The Prime Minister also asked how fast it was to end the "waiting for rice" situation in institutional development: "Don't let the ministries or regions think that some of our ministries and institutions stagnate, causing them to rise, fall take time. It is important to continue to innovate work methods, how make civil servants in the administrative system really have to move, from their encouragement to reduce the pull of the Prime Minister.



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