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The mysterious history of a $ 35 million villa in the heart of Saigon

Thursday, 29/11/2018 10:06 (GMT + 7)

Although it is not possible to confirm the exact construction time, but to have facilities to restore 110-112 Vo Van Tan villas, the architects must … find the past.

Clip some details in the villa 110 – 112 Vo Van Tan.

Recently, the conference "Preserving and Promoting the Value of Architectural, Historical and Cultural Work in Ho Chi Minh City" was held with the participation of around 100 delegates who were state management officials, experts, architects at home and abroad, … Where , presentation of the French architect (KTS) Nicolas Viste – head of 110 – 112 villa restoration Vo Van Tan (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) was impressed at the workshop by beautiful images and the first clips and information revealed about this project.

Mysterious history of a villa worth $ 35 million in the heart of Saigon - 1

Some pictures of 110 – 112 villas Vo Van Tan seen from the outside.

According to architect Nicolas, this is an extraordinary building of its time, and the mansion has unique features that were only owned at that time. To understand history, the material used, the meaning of design, color, paint, … from the villa, experts have worked hard for the past two years.

"This villa is considered a national treasure thanks to a specially designed Vietnamese cultural design that has been overlooked over time. The villa designers chose the latest quality materials and methods to create a sustainable villa structure over time," said architect Nicolas.

Mysterious history of a villa worth $ 35 million in the heart of Saigon - 2

The architect Nicolas Viste shared about the villa project 110 – 112 Vo Van Tan.

With the evidence gathered, architect Nicolas insisted that this work could not have been built in 1920-1922, not in 1924 before, at least in 1924 or later. "We believe that this villa was built in 1927, the French colonial period," Nicolas said.

Until Minerva acquired the mansion in late 2015 for $ 35 million (more than $ 800 billion), they had the opportunity to learn all the modifications. Details of French military use from the house as headquarters between 1946 and 1955 are still in a longitudinal parallel with Ba Huyen Thanh Quan.

Mysterious history of a villa worth $ 35 million in the heart of Saigon - 3

Some photos in the villa.

The study also confirmed that the villa was partially used as a language school in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, because of the need to increase the size of the classrooms, the Thanh Quan District was built.

Regarding building materials, said architect Nicolas, the type of brick used was not the type of brick used by France for many works at the time, but it was a brick specifically designed with Saigon.

"We were very surprised about materials such as tiles. These bricks are very Vietnamese but made in France. They were only designed in Vietnam and then sent to France. We are very difficult to find companies that make this kind of brick," Nicolas said.

Mysterious history of a villa worth $ 35 million in the heart of Saigon - 4

The roof was badly damaged over time.

According to architect Nicolas, mixing concrete to build a villa 110 – 112 Vo Van Tan was very new at that time. In addition, Nicolas's group must ask experts and elders in Hue, material experts from France and Italy to study paints and painting methods used so far. Meanwhile, a team of German experts had played a large role in the study of the method of building bricks in the work.

Mysterious history of a villa worth $ 35 million in the heart of Saigon - 5

The roof structure is very special, outlined by the research team.

Even though 110 – 112 Vo Van Tan villas are a good historical example, Nicolas said many components have been damaged from time to time, mostly on roofs, murals, paint with peeling from the outside.

For that reason, the restoration team led by architect Nicolas Viste has gone through history, material, sketching about the mansion from design, texture to color, … to be restored. Work as close as possible to the original version.

It is expected that in mid-2018, villa 110 – 112 Vo Van Tan will be officially restored. The first is to dismantle the surrounding buildings that will be built later, then renovate the main building, music hall, pavilion, garden, three entrances and a fence. Recovery time is estimated to last around 3 years.

Villa 110 – 112 Vo Van Tan is a two-story building built on land adjacent to three sides of the road: Nguyen Thi Dieu, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan and Vo Van Tan. The original house has a building area of ​​1,100 m2, on the 2,800 m campus2 with a landscape area of ​​1,700 m2.

The building has three entrances: two main gates on Vo Van Tan Street and an additional gate at Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street. The space used covers two floors with a total area of ​​1,780m2, designed north-south in the order of each building block.

The main part of the house is 990m wide2It consists of 16 rooms connected by a magnificent staircase in the middle. The project behind the expansion included a narrow building block just the floor, before the building blocks were perpendicular along Nguyen Thi Dieu.

Clip: Scene

This white villa is as solid as the palace is "growing" right in the rural countryside of Ha Tinh.

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