"The most adorable dog in the world" with more than 16 million followers dead


Boo is a very adorable Pomeranian dog, has become a social networking phenomenon for more than ten years. He was born in 2006. And owner Boo announced that he died on Friday morning, January 18, 2019 while sleeping because of a heart attack.

Nicknamed "the funniest dog in the world", at the time of his death, Boo had more than 16 million followers on Facebook, and appeared through a series of books or advertisements for famous brands. sound.

Boo - The most adorable dog in the world with more than 16 million dead followers - Photo 1.

1 in 3 picture books about Boo (source: Amazon)

In the long list of famous friends Boo includes actor Martin Sheen (left) and singer Liam Payne (right).

"Brother" Boo is a dog Buddy, who died in 2017. Soon after, Boo also had heart problems. Some of the farmer's family thought that Boo was so upset with the departure of his good friend.

This is a part of Boo's touching part, written by my family on the fanpage:

To Boo friends,

I was very sad when I shared, this morning Boo lost his sleep and met Buddy's brother in heaven. My whole family was very sad, but I was comforted to think that Boo was no longer in pain or uncomfortable. We know Buddy will welcome Boo on the other side of the rainbow, it's been a long time since they met again.


Since the formation of this page, I have received many messages from everyone, that Boo has helped us to be happy, how excited in this difficult stage of life. And that's the reason for everything …

Boo brings joy to people all over the world. This is the happiest dog I've ever known. Boo is so funny and relaxed that we don't need to practice much. Boo's funny appearance made the strongest man melt, and everyone had to laugh at a strange swaying tail.

I picked up Boo at home in the spring of 2006, since then a wonderful friendship between the two dogs began. Then when Buddy died, Boo also had symptoms of heart disease. We thought Boo's heart was broken when Buddy left. But Boo is still trying to stay with us for more than 1 year. Now it's time for him to leave. I am sure the happiest moment is when two dogs meet each other in heaven.

Share about Boo received 240k likes and more than 37k comments. Most people are very sad, even though they have never met Boo in real life but they feel like they just lost a pet, my friend.

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