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The killers of two "knights" in Saigon were sentenced to death

On November 29, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Court opened a hearing and sentenced Nguyen Tan Tai (born 1994, living in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City) to the death sentence and Nguyen Hoang Chau Phu (born in 1994, Hoc district) Ho Chi Minh City, life imprisonment for murder, intentionally causing injury, theft of property.

Regarding this case, Ngo Van Hung (born in 1986, resident of Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City) was sentenced to four years in prison and Trinh Thi Nhu (born in 1991, Hung) was sentenced to 1 year in prison. crime concealment.

In the question of claims, Tai denied all charges and finalized the investigation, Tai said that near Phu must know, twice robbed motorbikes to spend money. Before leaving, bring a knife with the aim of cutting the wire on the motor but not the engine to fight when detected.


The defendants are in court.

Earlier, at the investigative agency, the two defendants signed a report claiming to bring a knife to fight if someone was caught, caught. Tai and Phu Khai were forced to supply, torture during the investigation process. However, representatives from the Prosecutor's Office confirmed that all questions were attended by defense lawyers, with absolutely no stories of torture.

Hearing the defendant's statement, the victim cried.

"Knights" Tran Van Hoang, Dinh Phu Quy and Nguyen Duc Huy attended the trial because the victims also witnessed in this case. According to "knights" in Saigon revealed, they have found "Acne", a very hard object, violence before the incident.

Lawyers Vo And Van defended Phu defendant that the defendant did not directly use the knife to stab five knights, Phu did not agree with the Will so that there was no reason for alleged Phu murder, then proposed the Panel pay additional investigative records.

After deliberation, the Panel found that the accused Nguyen Tan Tai and his accomplices were young people with good health, had criminal records, after the release of prisoners they did not even live again but repeatedly stole accounts to take money to spend. The behavior of the defendants is dangerous for the community, determined to take action to the end, kill many people, leaving the consequences, the defendant did not make a sincere declaration.

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Defendant from death sentence.

Defendant Phu, although he did not directly stab five knights, but Phu agreed with Will when theft of property, before leaving the two defendants uniformly carried knives to fight when found, after When the two of them fled. From there, the Panel determined that the accused accused of killing Phu Phu as a helper was the right person, a crime.

Hung Defendants and As you know, the killers don't criticize. Hung's defendant has 2 sentences must be treated seriously, accused of raising young people does not need to isolate the defendant out of the community.

For theft carried out by Tai and Phu because there is no recovery, it cannot determine the loss so there is no reason to accuse the defendant.

Civil, the Court has forced defendants Tai and Phu to compensate Mr. Nguyen Bi (father of Nguyen Van Thoi's victim) 247 million and support him until he is 18 years old; Compensation for Nguyen Hieu Hoang (father of Nguyen Hoang Nam's victim) 100 million and mental damage as prescribed. Victims of Tran Van Hoang, Dinh Phu Quy and Nguyen Duc Huy did not claim compensation.

After being executed, the defendant maintained his cold face, turning his face to the victim's family without remorse.

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