The fire near Sai Gon's hut glowed in the night sky


At 23h on November 8, firefighters in the Go Vap district, TP. HCM continues to spray water to reduce heat and limit the burning fire near the hut.

Initial information, around 21h30 the same day a sudden fire broke out in a camp in a vacant lot at the end of the Tan Son 761 alley (near the SOS Go Vap youth village, Tan Binh district).

The campground near the cottage in Saigon burned the sky

The fire near Sai Gon's hut shines in the night sky - Photo 2.

The fire sparkled in the sky, making people afraid.

The fire near Sai Gon's hut shines in the night sky - Photo 3.

Many people come to the inn near the panic fire.

Just discovered, people quickly tried to light a fire but failed. The fire blazed in the sky because the land was a lot of garbage and wooden boards, …

After that, many people near the ranch shouted and then hugged assets who fled in panic for fear the fire spread.

Receiving information, police firefighters in the Go Vap district about 10 fire trucks with dozens of officers approached the firefighters.

Firefighters arrived on time, put out fires to avoid spreading.

After about 15 minutes of spraying, the fire goes out completely. The fire caused no human casualties, but the entire camp was burned down and people panicked.

The cause of the fire is being investigated clearly.


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