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The author shares on the 65th anniversary of Tien Phong Entertainment

Thanks to this first book, I bravely wrote a newspaper and my first article wrote a series on the border with hidden crimes published in the newspaper. Pioneer. Needless to say the joy of normal people to see what they know, I wrote into printed words in the newspaper. Thanks to the motivation of this article, I began writing regularly for newspapers Pioneer, being a regular contributor (CTV) newspaper. Almost all newspapers, any publications Pioneer I also posted the article. Even in newspapers, with the encouragement of Hong Tuyen, a long series Dragon Secret About the activities from China in Cho Lon also started …

Artist on Tien Phong's 65th birthday - photo 1Director – writer Nguyen Minh Chi

Then in 2002, when I was having trouble, I stopped Pioneer. At the newspaper office in Hanoi, I remember clearly meeting two people, Mr. Le Xuan Son and Mr. Dang Vuong Hanh. Even though I was only an old newspaper adviser, they were still honorable, I arranged a room across the Giang Vo area, creating all the conditions for me to start a series of investigations about the village. Cam Cam Assembly. I wrote nearly one hundred songs, this is a series that impresses the reader and I have been known. I became a freelance journalist, wrote surveys, wrote reports for many newspapers.

Then then my life turned out strange again: I moved – GO MOVIE !!! With film scripts like Law of the Lake, great daughter, Adventure of Two Lua… being prepared and broadcast, I became a scriptwriter. Then I stepped into production and directed. Of course, I don't dare to call myself a big director, but my films have received a certain resonance, the press and audience value the content and humanity of each work. This may be due to the fact that my days as a freelance journalist have been lived by my life, so I have accumulated a lot of experience in life as an ingredient for service. the film.

For this year's Tet festival, I will film Beloved and Teutonic Woman, a debut film that I did with many roles as production director, screenwriter and director. This is a film about traditional Vietnamese art that I do with deep aspirations that contribute to people's attention to the culture of wet rice, unique in Vietnam alone. Thousands of years of history: Puppet Water. I have not seen it yet Beloved and Teutonic Woman Will succeed with art, humanities and my experience from past filmmaking.

Someone asked me why I made a successful film and turned to filmmaking, I just said it was charm. However, I assert that I like journalism because I have new experiences in filmmaking. Pioneer That's the newspaper that gave me wings from the first article I got today. On the occasion of the report Pioneer 65 years, I want to thank the newspaper Pioneer And please report the progress as the name suggests … Tien Phong – Always continue.

Nguyen Minh Chi is currently a screenwriter – The director is highly valued with many famous TV series such as Giang Ho Law, great women, The Adventure of Two Lua. However, there was a time when he was a freelance journalist with an investigative reporter. The most important is a series of investigations on Nam Cam.

Ngoc Thuy young singer:

Always expect friends with the younger generation

"I know Pioneer When I was in my hometown, my younger brothers and sisters loved reading newspapers Pioneer and I often read. Of course it's too small, I don't understand much, but only knows newspapers Pioneer there is a category After the bamboo village You are very interested because the stories in this column are attached to the lives of rural youth. And many of them also found friends to write letters to meet soldiers in remote areas.

The author shared on Tien Phong's 65th birthday - photo 2Photo:

When I grew up in college, I read a newspaper Pioneer This includes information about the homeland, about cultural life throughout the country that must be learned by vocal students like me, hold on. Then in a charity song, I was reported by reporters Pioneer Know and invite to the Sunday Red. I remember that it was Red Sun 2017, I sang in front of more than 1,000 students and received support from your enthusiasm.

But the biggest joy I experienced in the Red Sun last year was that he collected more than 32,000 units of blood, a big success that I did a small part. Therefore, in the next Red Week, I always receive invitations because I know my actions are small but also contribute to the community. And I know that newspaper Pioneer There are many thanksgiving activities such as giving scholarships to poor students, gratitude funds for TNXP, young talent funds … I hope to be more involved with this program.

I want to move in my way to be country music, country ethnicity. When it comes, I will continue to introduce some new songs with folk music and prepare. Album of the eye with the accompanying songs for five months. Of course I will present songs with a new style, creative but still maintain beauty one day. Hopefully the newspaper Pioneer will accompany me on the road to conquer the audience.

On the occasion of the report Pioneer In the first edition of 65 years, I want to maintain the role of the newspaper of the younger generation, always accompanying the lives of our young generation.

Young Ngoc Thuy is currently studying at the Thanh Phuc Music School in Ho Chi Minh City. Achievements: Favorite Vocalist Nhat Nghe Nghe 2017; Third prize Sao Mai, Ha Tinh province; A graceful Asian competition from Vietnam 2017.

Xuan Huong Artist:

Strength and pioneer

I started reading the paper Pioneer It's been a long time since 1992. Because of a professional career, there is a need for information about everyday affairs, so every day I have to read some typical newspapers in this country. Pioneer. As the name implies, newspaper Pioneer There is always the earliest information about negative issues that are very interesting to the public. Other than that, Pioneer There are also good entries, very useful for intellectual readers.

Article from Pioneer has helped me a lot in finding, synthesizing news to have the right material for script writing, also to complement my knowledge. In addition, the articles are also the most tangible examples that give me the most practical evidence in teaching the role of art culture in fighting against obsolescence in developing New contributing to the progress of society. Artists of criticism and satire on the stage are also called journalists. Because what they reflect is intended to be a criticism, a negative one, a negative one for the purity of society, the only difference is in how to express it. My point is with a pen. And the artist shows his facts and political views in acting. But they both stand on their citizens' goals and perspectives.

The author shared on Tien Phong's 65th birthday - photo 3

Because of that, the stage and press even though the two are one. So, in any case, maintaining a "direct newspaper" is the stage next to the newspaper writing which is very good and must be maintained. Because the voice of critical acting has always been a good weapon for completing paper with the power to fight for the cause. Newspaper; Thanks to the professional reporter team, it's always the fastest way to reflect on the daily hot news in the community. The stage, thanks to information available in the media from where the artist – through satire – satirist – political commentary will provide a clearer audience, more concrete social status. That's why media and theater are always connected. Battle and construction of newspapers Pioneer He emphasized the strength and needs of the pioneers of newspapers that were right for the development of the community, which deserved the love of many readers.

On the 65th anniversary of the founding of the newspaper PioneerXuan Huong wants you leaders and journalists, employees through a period of health, happiness and happiness. Regards Pioneer Always hold fast to love in the reader.

Xuan Huong's real name is Le Xuan Huong. Graduated from the GITIS National Union Soviet Theater. He has been a lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City Theater and Performing Arts School and the acting training center. As a satirical comedy writer, director and comedian. Nice Very good comedy group at the Ho Chi Minh City Comedy Festival. Nice Extraordinary scenario at Gala Meeting the end of the year (2003). Acting in films such as "I Love Lonely", "The Garden", "The Boss", Adventure of Two Rice …

Singer – Designer Dinh Dinh:

I look forward to participating in the contest Miss Vietnam

"More than a year to develop my career and singing mode, I know the press Pioneer Miss Vietnam contest because that is my area of ​​interest. I also went to the Miss Universe contest in London, so the beauty contest in my country was often followed, where Miss Vietnam is a prestigious and national caliber contest that is a newspaper Pioneer held very well. Newspaper Pioneer This is one of the major newspapers in Vietnam and hopefully in the future, the newspaper Pioneer will continue to grow and Miss Vietnam is also increasingly professional and growing.

Literary artist on Tien Phong's 65th birthday - photo 4

In Taiwan, I know that the Vietnamese community, especially cooperative workers, likes to read newspapers Pioneer. Current issues, socio-cultural issues in the country on the news are all interested. Then the lives of the Vietnamese community in Taiwan are reported regularly. I remember the sister representatives at the Vietnam Cultural and Art Heritage Association in Taiwan regularly putting up problems for the newspaper. Pioneer Speak at community events so people learn together.

In the near future I will return to the country more often to participate in domestic activities. Recently, I also participated in the 2018 Global & 2018 Miss & Mrs. Taiwan International jury held in Taipei. I also sponsor evening dresses for this competition. There are also several beauty contests that invited me to participate as judges and costume sponsors for the contestants. Apart from these two roles, I was also invited as a guest singer. I have released a number of Vietnamese and Vietnamese music videos in Vietnam and will soon release several more MVs.

And hopefully every day I will participate in the contest by the newspaper Pioneer Arrange as sponsor or as a model.

Singer – designer real name Dinh Dinh is Bui Ngoc Dinh born in the Chau Thanh district – An Giang province. In 2001, he lived and participated in artistic activities such as modeling, fashion designers. In 2018, Dinh Dinh returned to Vietnam and continued to work in fashion and music.

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