The 62-year-old bride posted a clip, wrote & # 39; mind & # 39; to send her husband 26 cause & # 39; storm & # 39; MXH-Young


Tuesday, 06/11/2013 1:48 p.m. (GMT + 7)

Together with a bright smile and emotional clip, Ms. Thu Sao talks about thoughts. This is the longest line he has written on social networks after marriage and is of public interest …

Ms. Sao kissed her husband after finishing his new teeth.

According to Youth World, yesterday (5.11), the 62-year-old bride Thu Sao completed her teeth worth more than 200 million. Because you want to be younger, more suitable for her husband, Sao is not afraid to pay to renovate beauty. Before this tooth, he underwent cosmetic surgery to tighten the face and repair hair.

Today, with new, regular white teeth, a 62-year-old woman is confident and smiles healthy on social networks.

The 62-year-old bride posted a clip, wrote, & # 39; # 39; sent her husband 26 storm & # 39; MXH - 1

The 62-year-old bride posted a clip, wrote, & # 39; # 39; sent her husband 26 storm & # 39; MXH - 2

Ms. Thu Sao is sure to show his teeth on the profile page.

He also posted a very emotional clip with her husband.

Along with photos of bright smiles and emotional clips, Sao also spoke up about his thoughts. This is the longest line he has written on social networks after being married and receiving public attention.

"I have never regretted this love, only knowing that I tried to live together well in the days together.

And since that day, he no longer has to eat to cook food all day.

I don't see pain when it's hard because there are no shadows in the house.

No matter how big the bricks I believe, we will pass it.

True love is hard to say.

But to find half the tone of your heart is more difficult.

Heaven gives us a meeting. I have waited a long time for you

We have seven new lives to meet him.

Love is fate.

The meaning of a partner is fate.

Today I'm really beautiful, shining brighter. When walking with the brothers more confident.

And my husband is proud of his wife.

I also want to share with you that "happy people are always happy, if you can do everything you want".

Life is beautiful and it is only beautiful to live as yourself and be confident in half of you.

Sharing directly and affirming his love, Thu Sao received a lot of attention.

Previously, the love story of Ms. Le Thi Thu Sao (SN 1957, Cao Bang) and Mr. Trieu Hoa Cuong (SN 1992, Thach An district, Cao Bang province) had driven public opinion during the past.

Experiencing many waves, public opinion also gives many opinions about this love story. Recently, before the question, "What do men think about the young pilot who flew the old woman?" Zhao Hua had made his own statement about his decision to marry his 62-year-old bride.

According to Mr. Zhao Hua, "Recently, many people were interested in the story of love and my wife than I was 35 years old. At first, I was very upset, but now the" storm "is over, I'm used to the public and then see normal things.

Many people say that older men love older women because they are too lazy to like someone like their "mother" and prefer their wallet. Responding to this idea, Zhao said, "Because our love has spread, so many people say I love him for money, for property … But I don't care, they are outsiders they can understand.

What they say and I don't care. What I care about now is my wife's feelings and my feelings, we live for ourselves, not life for others. "Mr. Zhao Huogu also said that love and marriage are too old. What is most embarrassing is that the love that both parties have is sincere or not.

The 62-year-old bride posted a clip, wrote, & # 39; # 39; sent her husband 26 storm & # 39; MXH - 3

Couples prove their love is true love.

Overcoming the wind waves, the couple finally love this age difference also about the roof. That is at 11.8 lunar months.

Thu Sao said: "Many people often say, love and make people less than a few decades because I often find it difficult to make peace. However, Cuong and I are very suitable, both in character and daily activities.

Sometimes I even see him as an adult, older than me, I often tease him as a "young man" and then he just laughs. We love each other, are happy together in this life. Remnants, who say nothing about the deviations of this age, then their husbands and siblings are silent. It seems like it hasn't been heard. "

Indeed, above all, they always prove to the network community to see love, getting closer every day. Ms. Thu Sao found a way to better suit him Huong. The 26-year-old husband is always ready and supports his wife in everything.

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