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Sterling scored with Messi, deserving to be a "sniper hunter" from Pep-Soccer 24 hours

Monday, October 28, 2019 05:15 (GMT + 7)

When he first arrived at Etihad, Pep Guardiola stated he wanted to turn Sterling into the "Messi of Man City" and now he was very pleased with the maturity of the English students.

Video Sterling scores a goal to help Man City win Aston Villa in round 10:

In the summer of 2015, Sterling, aged 20, decided to leave the port city of Liverpool and move to Manchester. A transfer fee of up to 49 million pounds made him the most expensive English player in history at the time.

That season, Sterling played 47 matches, scoring 11 goals and 10 assists. This number is not bad but is not commensurate with the expectations and values ​​that Green Man wants. But after Pep Guardiola arrived, Sterling turned into someone else.

Sterling scored with Messi, worthy of '34 hunter marksman' '34 from Pep - 1

Sterling has a role in Man City similar to Messi at Barca

Sterling became an adult in the hands of Pep Guardiola and accepted the challenge from the Spanish teacher to motivate him to continue to improve. After 158 matches under Pep, Sterling scored 71 goals, 47 assists.

With a goal against Aston Villa, Raheem Sterling equals Lionel Messi's goal in 2019, 36 goals – something few people think of. With a very poor assessment performance, in his new book 'Pep's City', strategist Pep Guardiola likens Sterling to the new Romario.

"He is a physically extraordinary young man. He is very strong. One day after the match, he can play another match. Sterling's resilience is extraordinary. He contributed to both fronts, very fast and actively defended. An extraordinary player, "Pep said.

Raheem Sterling can be considered the "genius" of Man City. The 24-year-old has scored in 43 matches to help Man City not lose (win 41, draw 2), more than any other player in the history of the Premier League. Even worse, Sterling scored straight on 52 goals, after only 48 matches.

Pep compares Sterling with the new Romario but in gameplay, he builds Sterling like Messi at Barca. Pep teaches Sterling how to ride a ball, how to move and feel the game, which seems excessive for a player. But no, Pep is ready to scold him even though the home team just won because of some situations that miss the ball. Through every time like that, Sterling grows gradually.

Despite success with Sterling, Pep did not want to stop with the striker. As long as he still "knocks" students after each match, the desire to "Messi's right foot" from the original mist does not stop burning in the heart of this strategist.

Sterling needs to thank Pep but Pep has also been successful so far thanks to Sterling's great inspiration. They need each other and Man City needs them to fight, heading to the next title.

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