Shu Qi is involved in rumors involving 100 mistresses


Wednesday, November 28, 1818 13:45 (GMT + 7)

Responding to public opinion, the letter was posted on his personal page that "The tree is not afraid to die standing up."

On 27.11 (local time), Chinese media became a jealous phenomenon when the Twitter account posted the text: "Lai Xiaojun, Shu Qi, Xu Love …" caused a lot of speculation.

In addition, Chinese social networks also have many posts that report that Shu Qi, Xu Hua who is involved in Lai Xiaojun, makes many people confused.

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Shu Qi is involved in "visiting 100 hostesses".

Xiao Dan is a name familiar to Chinese audiences. He is the former chairman of China's biggest financial company, accused by the Discipline Inspection Commission of several charges. According to the investigation, Lai has more than 100 concubines, including famous actresses. He divided 100 apartments for ex-wives and lovers.

Therefore, when the news was involved with Lai Xiaojun, many netizens had left an understatement, belittling Shu Qi. Bad comments have a big impact on the honor, dignity and career of the actress.

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The 42-year-old man said, "The tree is not afraid to die." The management company also denied rumors and legal intervention.

After receiving information, Shu Qi's management quickly responded. Thus, the Representative Representative of Ky confirmed that the actress was not familiar with Lai Xiaojun.

In addition, the host company requests news sites, social networking accounts to delete related articles, stops publishing related news or articles that have negative expectations for Shu Qi. . The company said it would sue those who were fake news, defended honor, the interests of Shu Qi.

Shu Qi himself reacted sharply to the evil rumors directed at him. The 42-year-old beauty posted on the status page: "The tree is not afraid to die, in life outside of death, the rest is not comparable to pain, anger, suffering."

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"Holy Divine Love" is also said to be "this earth paradise".

In the case with Shu Qi, "Holy Girl" was also caught up in the rumor "heaven ơi land". Standing in front of the fort, Hu's management agency quickly put aside rumors and asked to stop sharing false rumors.

Apart from the company, Huu also said that the law would be intervened and prosecuted for those who deliberately included false rumors.

Shu Qi hot photo series

These images make it shine but also make it fall more tears.


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