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Secretary General: Preparing personnel for the Party Congress must comply with regulations

Speaking at the close of the 10th Central Conference, the Secretary General and President of the State Nguyen Phu Trong generalized. The Central Government has completed all content from the proposed program and strongly agreed through Conference resolutions.

Secretary General: Preparing personnel for the Party Congress must comply with regulations - 1

Secretary General and President of the State Nguyen Phu Trong: "Preparation of party congresses at all levels must be linked to the implementation of routine tasks, ensuring high efficiency".

In particular, the conference strongly agreed on the ideology and orientation to complete the outline and compile documents to be submitted to the XIII Party National Congress. The Secretary General highly appreciates the preparation of the subcommittee and asks the subcommittee to immediately complete the outline of the report, ensure consistency in the topic, views, guides ideas and general objectives. ; The presentation is short, concise, clear, easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to apply.

"Preparation of documents to be submitted to the XIII Congress must show enthusiasm to continue to maintain the development of the Party and a clean political system. Focus on clarifying and handling good relationships: the relationship between innovation, stability and development; between economic innovation and political innovation; between obeying the rules of the market economy and ensuring a socialist orientation; between developing the power of production and building and perfecting socialist production relations; between the State, the market and the community "- the Secretary General noted.

The Secretary General and the President also stressed the need to stick tightly to the implementation of Party Resolutions, 10 years implementing the platform in the transition period (added in 2011), 10 years implementing the 2011- strategy. 2020 and the building work of the Party …

In particular, the Secretary General wants to assess carefully the implementation of the objectives and tasks of the last 5 years, based on this to predict the ability to implement new strategies.

In particular, in the economic field, the Secretary General mentioned the implementation of policies to continue renovating the growth model, restructuring, increasing productivity, quality, efficiency, and economic competitiveness. , applying 3 strategic breakthroughs; identify positions, roles and mechanisms and policies clearly and correctly to create incentives for the economic sector.

In the field of society, the Secretary General said that it is necessary to analyze and assess the situation of structural social change, the divisions of rich and poor, social stratification in our country today; awareness and resolution of social relations, benefit relationships, risk control; fight corruption and negativity, prevent crime and reduce morale, conflict and social conflict; ideological situation, social atmosphere …

In terms of national defense, security and foreign affairs, it is necessary to clearly identify the advantages, difficulties and challenges, and guidelines, policies and actions that will be applied to enforce national independence, sovereignty and security. family, territorial integrity and a peaceful and stable environment for development. Assessing and evaluating carefully and correctly the results of the struggle, rejecting the 4 risks that have been shown by the Party to have the right policies and actions, ensuring the successful implementation of the Resolution on the National Defense Strategy. in new situations.

Regarding the development of the Party and the political system, the Secretary General gives special attention to continue to strengthen and promote important initial results in the development of the Party and the political system of our country that is increasingly clean, strong, both political, ideological, organizational, cadre, ethical, lifestyle and ways of leadership and management. The Secretary General also noted political education, ideology, recession prevention, "self evolution", "self transformation"; internal political protection; the problem of applying democracy and discipline, discipline, solidarity and unity in the Party; issues of leadership capacity, fighting forces of party organizations and party members; develop and implement strategies of staff and personnel; content, model and modality of the Party; assignment, coordination and control of the power of state institutions …

Regarding discussion, providing direction for the preparation of the Party Congress from all levels to the XIII Congress of the Party, according to the Secretary General and Conference, it was agreed that this was an important job. mind, it needs to be implemented immediately with the spirit to continue to innovate towards a practical, effective democracy and promote it in parallel by maintaining the principles, discipline, and discipline of the Party; ensure solidarity, enhance leadership capacity and fight the strength of party organizations and party members.

Preparation of party congresses at all levels must be linked to the implementation of regular tasks, ensuring high efficiency. Attention must be given to detecting and dealing with actual issues raised, especially those that cause pressure among people such as: management and use of land, natural resources, and public property; rich and poor disparities; environmental pollution; congestion, traffic accidents, corruption, waste, negativity, social crime …

The work of preparing party personnel and committees who elect must comply with the Charter, Party rules and regulations, choose, introduce, and choose those who are truly decent, qualified, and satisfied. bridge tasks in new situations; pay attention to finding and introducing new and promising factors, ensuring the proportion of young officials, female cadres and ethnic officials.

The Secretary General demands to fully understand the Central Resolution, immediately study, complete an outline and draw up Congress documents to be submitted to the Central Conference 11 for consideration and to be taken at the end of the year. 2019.


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