"Right after the Chinese New Year will handle several cases of stock price manipulation"


Speaking to the press about the operation of the stock market in 2019, Mr Pham Hong Son – Deputy Chair of the State Securities Commission (SSC) said that after the Chinese New Year, SSC would handle a number of manipulations. price, insider trading in securities.

According to Mr. Son, the SSC's point of view is to handle a number of prevention cases and regulate the market. Market price manipulation is available and will be punished as soon as it is detected. Need to handle "worms" to make the market transparent.

The SSC leadership also said that in the process of investigating and handling cases, the State Securities Commission considers brokerage responsibilities and also whether securities companies have agreements with customers? Any documents that show signs of criminal violation will be immediately transferred by the State Securities Commission to the police.

"The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Security have issued a joint circular to deal with violations in the stock market, showing the determination of the leaders of the ministry. However, SSC itself cannot handle everything because there are related cases. There are 5 related actions regarding criminal and criminal law handled in the security sector, "Mr. Son stressed.

At the end of December 31, 2018, SSC has sanctioned 397 violations with a total fine of VND 21 billion. Cases sanctioned include 78 issuers, public companies, and recording organizations; 9 individuals have manipulated behavior, created fake offers and requests; 287 major shareholders, internal shareholders and related people; 23 securities trading organizations, including 14 securities companies and 9 fund management companies.

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