Quỳnh Búp Bê only sends 10% of the truth of the character's fate


After nearly 5 months in the air with many problems in censoring film content, Quynh Dolls Finally comes the end of a series of events that plunge into the life of the protagonist. Only a few episodes as the audience must break up with the life story of the injured girl, to witness the extreme pain that Quynh, Lan, My and Dao must suffer.

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Quynh Bau Be will be the last episode and the tragedy lasted so long

Do not know how the end of the film will be very tragic, only to know at this time, the film crew, especially writer Kim Ngan must accept on countless brick tiles because of the fate of the characters in the film too. carpet. However, if you know what happened in the real world, only about 10% and that was made by the scriptwriter to make it less tragic for the characters. Quỳnh Búp Bê will have to regret being stoned to kick the crew.

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According to the writer Kim Ngan, Quynh Bau Bê only Loaded about 10% of the truth of the girl's fate playing in the script. Gifted writers are very interested in the stories of 100% Quynh, Lan, Canh, etc., But if they do, they will Many people are surprised to see images that they cannot imagine. Believe me, the 10% I chose fell just enough for the audience to feel satisfied and understand some of the truth from the community that has not been revealed.

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Apparently, what happens in movies is only about one-tenth of the pain that characters must experience in real life

And there are so many scary and haunting stories that you can hardly tell the audience, stories that listen enough make people get bumps. If it's on film, Quynh (Phuong Oanh) robbing children who have to go to customers, in the lives of bad people, bastards back to use all kinds of barbarians, loss of human nature to force Quynh to do dirty things.

"I still remember the details of Quynh sitting in bed, afraid to faint when right under her feet were three cobras trapped in a cage that was sprayed wildly, fattening her head. One hand jolted his jaw: Did you receive a guest, if not, I removed the cage for the three boys who slept with you tonight?

I heard Quynh said that chicken skin. A few nights later, I was still awake when I dreamed of a snake sprayed under Quynh's feet. Women who are not afraid of snakes?

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What Quynh does in real life is even more terrible in films

In the film, Lan's life (Thanh Huong) sank into misery, causing the audience not to feel sorry, but it was nothing compared to the story that Lan versioned from real life. The feeling of giving birth to a child without his eyes is far more painful than a half-hearted man on the screen. Well, the script writer has tried hard for the most honest story, but is still human and suitable for the audience, is this effort not worthy of appreciation or not?

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In the film Lan is indeed crazy, so it no longer tortures the future, in real life, Lan's life is still not peaceful

The painful truth in this film is still too soft compared to the suffering of Quynh, My, Lan's life, … But anyway, the tragedy is still unavoidable by life The characters that the script entered into the film cannot Adjust back to "happy". However, the fate of Quynh, My Lan will be very tragic, waiting for an answer in the film's last episode at 21h40, Monday, Tuesday every week on VTV3.


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