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Princess robber tragedy of public security students

During the trial at Ha Tinh People's Court (Ha Tinh) three weeks ago, Le Dinh Kien (29 years old, living in Thach Linh's ward) continued to cry, bowing because love blindly robbed property, prompting both families to fall into tragedy. Under the hall, some sighed, feeling sorry for the young man, highly educated, only because his thinking moment was not mature enough to work.

In eye contact, glasses, facial anxiety, fear, Kien is studying economics in China. Every time you visit home, see parents often conflict, argue so sad and love mom. On the young man's head crossed the thought that he would steal money to buy a house, take his mother to another place to live.

Defendant Kien in court. Image: Duc Hung

The defendant was presented, at the end of 2017, when from China to Vietnam, the car stopped at Lang Son had bought a group of shaved, electric shock pulses, folded knives. Coming home at Thach Linh Ward, Kien continued to buy more fruit knives, dark long-sleeved clothes, sports shoes, then hidden inside the house, waiting for the opportunity to use theft to steal assets.

In early May, Kien walked along the town of Ha Tinh to find a target. When crossing the urban area of ​​Song Da, Quy's house has a modern design, under two car parks, outside with a fence planted with trees, easy to go inside to observe, understand how to go share it He then takes weapons to the side of the road, 200 meters from the Quy then go home to sleep, waiting for the night to make a sentence.

About 2 hours at 9/5, Kien walked from house to place to attack, wearing dark clothes, wearing our shoes, wearing a hat, a mask and then climbing a tree, jumping into Quy's garden. He opened the door to enter the house but could not enter, so he waited outside. At 5:30 a.m., when Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuan (maid) was opened, Kien rushed to the edge of neck control, asking to meet the woman.

Quy family villa. Image: Duc Hung

The chairman asked, when the knife, if the family fights, what will the defendant act like? In response to that moment, he told Quy, "I'm calm, I just want to get money." When the woman said there was no money, Kien asked: "Two cars under the court in between?" Quy answers: "Your grandparents gave".

After 75 million, Kien found a safe in the corner of the room that had to be opened, seeing that the savings book had a lot of money, he was pulled back to retreat. Quy said: "In one day it only attracted no more than 100 million," Kien said: "How many withdrawals were withdrawn."

To secure peace, Kien took another phone in Quy's pocket, saying that "surveillance software was installed," requesting a FaceTime connection back to the scene to withdraw money. Don't blame him "accidentally" with four controlled hostages at home including: two children, a husband (around 60 years) and a maid.

Quy, in court, saw that Kien in the room was very scared, fearing that two children would be harmed had to follow the conditions. Out of money, I think this is a great opportunity to communicate with relatives. Waiting for a crack, unaware of the robbers, this woman immediately notified her father, Major General Tran Cong Truong (Deputy Head of the Department of Public Security).

Defendant Kien cried when talking to his mother in court. Image: Duc Hung

Mr. Truong now in Ha Tinh must call two police officers to his daughter. After failing to contact Ms. Quy, looking through the window to see three men under the gate, knowing to expose must ask all children to be quiet. While struggling to find a way to deal with it, he was rushed to court, held his hand, released gas, kicked into the bathroom and then controlled.

At the trial, Truong and those who immediately caught robbers had absentee requests. The defendant's family was only an old man, but they kept bowing their heads in the middle of the table crying, not saying a word. Ms. Quy and the waiter after the interrogation were asked to reduce the sentence for Kien so he had the opportunity to correct the mistake.

"The defendant is very educated, if you love mom, then try to finish school to make money, then handle everything later." Now that the money is not available, the future falls into a deadlock, relatives living in misery, shoes So, doesn't it look like that? ", Said a jury and said this was also a lesson for many parents in resolving family conflicts.

After saying that, Kien cried, apologized to his parents and family for the loss, hoping to be tried by the court to return to work again soon.

Receiving a 7-year sentence for robbery, Kien bent out of the car, just in time to see his mother standing in the court yard wiping tears.

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