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President Trump was angry, the Canadian Prime Minister was disappointed, GM rushed to calm down

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the first to speak. He said on Twitter: "GM workers have been part of Oshawa's heart and soul for generations and we will do everything to support the families affected by this decision." Furthermore, Trudeau said he had spoken with GM CEO Mary Barra on November 25 to express disappointment over the closure of the Oshawa assembly plant in Ontario.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said he was disappointed with GM and the company's CEO, Mary Barra, about the decision to close factories in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. "There are no factories in China and Mexico. The United States has saved GMs, and this is how they THANK YOU!" Mr. Trump writes on Twitter.

Trump threatened to cut all subsidies and incentives for GM, including incentives for electric vehicles. If that happens, it will be disastrous for GM, because the company plans to launch at least 20 models of electric vehicles by 2023. The company has used almost all incentives for electric vehicles. Will not be affected much unless the subsidy policy is extended.

However, Trump said, "GM has focused on investing in China a few years ago, when building factories there (and also in Mexico), and I don't think that my investment is here to protect American workers!"

Unions were also angry at GM's decision. "GM's decision to halt production at the Lordstown plant in Ohio, and Hamtramck in Michigan, and the assembly plant will get thousands of workers out of work and won't be able to." UAW Vice President Terry Dittes even speaks in the same way as President Trump, with his decision to set profits on American working families, plus Copper with GMs in difficult times.

The UAW said that these products – such as the Chevrolet Blazer and Buick Envision – had to be produced in factories that would be closed instead of Mexico and China.

Against this counterattack, GM decided to make a scene. The company is committed to maintaining active manufacturing in the United States. GM's latest announcement to reduce employees is to support the company's future, ensuring long-term success for the company so that it can maintain and improve jobs in the United States.

This calming seems ineffective with thousands of US workers affected by GM's decision, but the company says many factory workers can choose to move to another factory where crossover importers, crossover and SUVs are becoming more popular in the market. GM also plans to add technical work to support the production of electric vehicles and self-propelled cars in the future.

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