North begins to return to the sun and the sky is still cold


Tuesday, January 22, 2019 08:41 (GMT + 7)

The northern province is still in a cold and destructive mountainous area, but, in the afternoon, the sun begins to return to the sun.

North begins to return to the sun, still cold - 1

North begins to return to the sun and is still cold. Artworks

According to the National Meteorology and Hydrology Forecast Center, on January 22, cold air affected most places in the West of North Vietnam and parts of Central Vietnam. Wind northeast on land level 3, level 3-4 beach area.

Because of the influence of cold air in North Hoa and Thanh provinces it is cold, cold mountainous regions with the lowest popular temperatures of 12-15 degrees Celsius, northern mountainous regions 8-11 degrees Celsius, mountains where altitudes are below 8 degrees C.

In the Northeast region, there is little rain in some places, cold at night and bright with the lowest temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, high mountains where there is less than 8 degrees Celsius. 19 degrees C.

The weather in Hanoi today is not raining, during the day. Bright nights and cool skies with the lowest popular temperatures 12-14 degrees C.

From the province from Nghe An to Binh Dinh last night (January 21), there was rain; In particular, the province from Thua Thien-Hue to Binh Dinh has a place of moderate rainfall and heavy rain.

Day and night (January 22), due to the influence of cold air, the provinces of Ha Tinh to Binh Dinh have rain, especially the provinces of Quang Tri to Binh Dinh have moderate rainfall, some places have heavy rain (popular rainfall 15 -30mm / 24 hours, there is a place above 50mm / 24 hours).

The provinces of Da Nang to Binh Thuan in the North (Da Nang-Binh Dinh) currently have moderate rain, heavy rain, places with heavy rain; the south has several showers. The highest thermal background on that day is 30 degrees Celsius, at night it drops to its lowest point at 20-23 degrees C.

On the Central Highlands, a sunny day, there is some rain at night. During the day, the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and decreases rapidly at night to only 16 degrees Celsius, cold.

On Nam Bo a sunny day with the highest temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, where HCM City is 33 degrees C and Can Tho is 32 degrees C.

North moves cold rain, some places below 8 degrees Celsius

The cold air scattered making the northern provinces change rain, cold weather with temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius.


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