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Myanmar media want the stadium to cover Thuwunna

Sunday, 11/18/2018 00:14 AM (GMT + 7)

Sports Myanmars requested support from their supporters in the AFF Cup 4th AFF Cup.

Myanmar media want the stadium to cover Thuwunna

Sports Myanmar recently published information about matches between Myanmar and Vietnam in the 2018 A 4 AFF Cup schedule. Therefore, this newspaper calls home fans to Thuwunna (Yangon) Stadium to continue. This is a very difficult match, especially because Vietnam is a very strong opponent.

AFF Cup 11/11: Media Myanmar wants to cover Thuwunna stadium - 1

Myanmar sportsmen urge fans to come to the stadium

Tickets for Myanmar-Vietnam only show a quarter on My Dinh

From morning to noon on November 18, the ticket area at Thuwunna Stadium (Yangon), a large crowd queuing up the home team to buy tickets. This is a very important match for Myanmar, because if they win, they hold the ticket to the semifinals and continue to lead A. Even though matches can be considered the most attractive in the group stage, the Team ticket prices in Myanmar are quite cheap. Ticket prices range from 3000 – 5000 Kyats (equivalent to 60-100 thousand). This is a very reasonable price, every Myanmar person has the opportunity to buy tickets to the stadium cheers for his team.

The former Filipino coach runs in Thailand like Barca

Simon Mcmenemy, a former coach of the Philippines, gave praise to the Thai team. "Thailand plays with its own identity, like Barca, so it's not wrong anymore and they are a strong team and fully qualified for the AFF 2018 Cup."

AFF Cup 11/18: Media Myanmar wants to cover Thuwunna stadium - 2

Thailand like Barca

Myanmar protects Vietnam fully

The Burmese home team showed a thorough preparation for the war with Vietnam. Four security personnel armed with submachine guns placed around the hotel where the teacher, Park Hang Seo, was placed, to ensure security.

Quoc Vuong Care for Quang Hai, Xuan Truong

Former Vietnam midfielder Quoc Vuong expressed anxiety for Xuan Truong – Quang Hai. The man showed that the duo was able to provide excellent offensive support but limited defense. Both players are not real midfielder interceptions should Vietnam easily reveal a gap when facing strong opponents like Thailand.

VFF promised to "go underground" at My Dinh

After many media reports about the phenomenon "under the gate" at the stadium recently, the Vietnam Football Association confirmed that it began investigating the identity of the protection of bringing people without tickets. Watch the match between Vietnam and Malaysia.

The Indonesian coach hopes Thailand will win

Indonesian coach Bima Sakti was unhappy after losing 2-4 to Thailand. Speaking after the match, he admitted: "We failed too quickly after the second goal. The players were mentally destroyed and made too many mistakes, which is why we lost. Lan is very strong, they have many quality players and great strikers, I think Thailand will have great opportunity to win the league this year. "

Coach Calisto "admired" Park Hang Seo

Watching Vietnam beat Malaysia in the 2018 AFF Cup group, coach Henrique Calisto really appreciates the Vietnam Tel game at Park Hang Seo

"Vietnam kicked the counterattack very well. Matching the match, people saw the Malaysian team more offensive and defensive, but the fact that Vietnam was an initiative to make opponents play. The way I want and just wait for the right time is to finish the opponent, I really like the way coach Park Hang Seo was built for Vietnam. Coach Calisto said.

AFF Cup 11/11: Media Myanmar wants fans to cover Thuwunna - 3

Coach Calisto appreciates the Vietnam game under Park Hang Seo

Myanmar "damaged" before Vietnam's reception

After the victory in Laos, Myanmar returned to the house with a fairly tired flight. On the morning of November 17, teacher Mr. Antoine Hey had to leave Laos for a flight to Bangkok, Thailand. However, this team was present at around 12:30 but had to wait until 6:00 p.m., to continue the continued flight to Yangon (Myanmar).

Burmese fans asked Vietnamese fans not to carry flares

Recently, when Myanmar announced it would distribute 2,400 tickets for visitors, some fans expressed concern. "Please don't bring a flare to the stadium." Vietnamese fans are very good at this, Burmese security forces need to look closely.

Malaysian players cried after losing to Vietnam

Malaysian journalist Hermy Rahim recently recorded the scene of the Sumareh player who hugged his face when his colleagues apologized to fans after the 0-2 defeat of Vietnam. "The players look very sad, and only for Sumareh, he can't hold back tears."

"Jealous" of Southeast Asia with the national anthem of fans of Vietnam

A lot of praise from the countries you sent to Vietnamese teams and fans while watching the choir scene of the My Dinh stadium singing the national anthem in the match against Malaysia. "I am jealous of Vietnamese fans, and sad in my country," said a Singaporean fan, Price Iskandar. The atmosphere is so great. I admire you. "

Thailand crushes Indonesia: newspaper hats power cap

The international press highly praised Thailand's victory over Indonesia.

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