Saturday , October 23 2021

Mr Anh is ready to attend the ASIAN Cup, Van Thanh immediately returns to Vietnam


Recently, there has been a lot of information that Mr. Anh has returned to Vietnam after being treated in Korea for a long time. Recently, the head of the HAGL club, Nguyen Tan Anh confirmed that men in 1995 fully recovered from injuries.

"Right now, Tuan Anh has recovered from injury and will return to HAGL on December 10. We will participate in the BTV Cup at Binh Duong. The competition does not depend too much on the coach's decision, but where he is now I cannot reveal, Mr. Anh hasn't confirm to the club about the information he has returned to Vietnam, "said Tan Anh.

Mr Anh is ready to attend the ASIAN Cup, Van Thanh returns to Vietnam immediately - Photo 1.

Mr. Anh is ready to return.

If Mr. Anh can see Green Park Park in the 2019 Asian Cup, no. Other important news is that Duo Van Thanh and Duc Luong will also return to Vietnam before the Chinese New Year. This is good news for HAGL fans, especially about the Van Thanh case. Although the ability to attend the ASIAN Cup with the Vietnam team is almost zero, but his return to prepare for the 2019 V-League is also very good.

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