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Linh Rin was pressured to openly love Phillip Nguyen

Sunday, October 20 2019, 08:20 (GMT + 7)

Hà NộiModel Linh Rin said that since opening her love for Phillip Nguyen, several days had passed and she felt heavy, but not because of that, she gave up this love.

– In what situation did you and Phillip meet?

– I'm not talking too carefully about the event because I want to keep it separate for both of us and choose the right time to express it. But very casually, I thought that was meant to be. Until now, I have never asked how his first impression about me. But I personally admire Phillip. I never thought that one day I would be in a relationship with him.

Linh Rin and Phillip Nguyen are in love.

Linh Rin and Phillip Nguyen.

– Since the beginning of the love story, how has his life changed?

– Previously my life was peaceful so when I was known as Phillip's girlfriend, many things were disturbed. I faced the opposite and correct reaction through some very new emotions. Not only me, my family is also affected by hurtful words on social networks. I thought that was fine for me but not being able to protect my family from detractors was truly pathetic.

– What does the public say about your relationship?

– Yesterday was a sad day because I had to respond to a comment from an audience member who said "Linh Rin is not on par with Phillip" openly on his personal page.

At first I didn't pay attention to negative words, but recently, after the sad news of the singer Sulli, I gradually felt myself influenced by various opinions on social networks.

I thank those who send greetings to me and Phillip, but also want to say that I am hurt and depressed every time I hear someone commenting badly about my family. So far my life and my family have been very peaceful, but when I decided to make public relations, my family received excessive attention, causing them to listen to things they had never heard before. As mentioned above, I cannot protect them from such things, I feel very sad.

– Before starting a romance with Phillip, do you anticipate problems will come?

– No. I don't really think about relationships, but only focus on emotions. I am a person who is very difficult to love and for me, love is the most important.

– Does the pressure of public opinion make you feel discouraged when continuing this relationship?

– For me love is love, nothing can be stopped. I cannot deny that I am very pressured to openly love Phillip. There are days that pass so hard but I am not discouraged or want to be with him anymore.

– What did Phillip Nguyen do when he found out he was sad about it?

– Phillip is able to say things that help me rebalance immediately. Several times I was so depressed that I kept quiet and didn't bother talking, so he kept asking "why didn't you say anything?" In one way or another, he will be with me and give me as much time as possible. I am very grateful for that. Publicizing my relationship with Phillip depressed me but he himself was the driving force that helped me overcome everything.

– Talk about your feelings now, stand aside and squeeze Phillip's hand?

– When I meet someone, they give me the feeling of love that I always miss. One day there is something you just miss and imagine, how do you feel about it?

Linh Rin appeared with his girlfriend's family.

Linh Rin appeared with his girlfriend's family.

– Were you present in Hanoi today for any reason?

– We participate in marathons.

– What opportunities took you and Phillip to the race?

– We have the same sports interests, especially running. Since they got to know each other, Phillip always wanted the two of them to participate in a particular race and on this occasion decided to register for a trial run in Hanoi.

– What did you prepare about strength and physical skills before the competition?

– This is my first time officially participating in a marathon but not too worried. Before that, I practiced running in the gym and always set a time limit during training. Because I registered a distance of 10 km, when practicing, I asked myself to reach a distance of 8 km in less than an hour. Because the cut off time (the maximum time for an athlete to complete the registered distance) from this distance is around 1 hour 30 minutes.

– As an experienced participant in running the event, how did Phillip Nguyen help you during the training?

– He gave me advice on exercise and nutrition, how to keep breathing on track and the secret of allocating energy to maintain speed along the route. I also learned from him the secret to warm up so that when running, there is no tension or injury.

– What goals do you set on the current track?

– This is our first time participating in a run together. Even though both of them have certain goals, just completing their distance within the time limit is considered successful.

– Besides sports, what do you have in common?

– We eat well in many fields besides sports. For example, my favorite fashion brand is also a product that Mr. likes. Phillip. We travel a lot and often have the same ideas every time we choose a destination. He always asked me where I wanted to go, what I wanted to eat but when I spoke he said it.

– There is information that you and Phillip Nguyen are getting married. The actual damage like?

– (Linh Rin doesn't answer, just smiles)

Hotgirl beauty Linh Rin.

Beautiful beauty Linh Rin girl.

Linh Rin's real name is Ngo Phuong Linh, born in 1993 in Hanoi. She is known as a hot girl at the same time as Chi Pu, currently active in the world of showbiz as a model. Recently, he was openly dating businessman Phillip Nguyen – the younger brother of actor Tang Thanh Ha.

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