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Khanh Duy filmed a video in place of 2 bodies pouring concrete which caused an uproar in Entertainment

The video application was unexpected when present at the crime scene.

The social network has just been spreading video footage of the scene – musician Khanh Don, present at the scene of 2 concrete bodies in the Bau Bang district, Binh Duong.

The appearance of male artists made many people and reporters working here surprised. According to the contents of the clip, Khanh Don stood in front of the house where the case occurred and was recorded by the accompanying person.

Talking to us, Khanh Don said he and his crew were filming at Binh Duong. When he heard that his case was shocking, the 1987 musician was curious, going to the scene.

"I have made social channels, everyday life. Hearing this case I didn't dare to believe that it was true because the situation was as complicated as in a film, " he said.

However, Khanh Duy's appearance also led to diverse opinions on the internet. Some comments are made like: "Artists also work as journalists"; "All YouTubers" work "at funerals, now artists also make YouTubers. Now that everyone has a camera, everyone can do it all?"

Khánh shotn recorded the video where 2 people pouring concrete caused photo 1Khanh Duy also found a man beating a concrete beam with a human body inside it.

About my work, Candidates openly: "I don't think I lost my image because I want to be a versatile artist who can sing as a singer, musician, director and now wants to create more entertainment and news channels. news for everyone to see. Doing this new job, I just realized that making an MC is actually not easy. "

Social problems always have many sensitive factors and need to convey accurate information to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and irregularities. According to Khanh Don, the problem at that time was that he only limited the audience to see the scene, met witnesses to hear again.

"I convey information in the most objective way, but I can't get too close to the story," he added.

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