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The story of Ly Bao Binh began 10 years ago. The man, with his vision, excelled from difficult economic times, from bankruptcy to being a farm owner and processing large-scale A to Z ducks.

Li Baoping was the first group of migrant workers to work in a coastal area in Chongqing more than 10 years ago. After years of hard work, he established an export-oriented lamp factory in Huizhou, Guangdong, China. However, after the US subprime mortgage crisis exploded in late 2007, businesses began to show signs of falling. In May 2008, company orders declined by a third. When the business did not seem to realize the situation, Ly Bao Binh, a very sensitive person on the market, had seen a bad prospect, so he decided to rent out his factory.

In July, August 2008, Li Baoping went to Jiangxi, Shandong and Chengdu to survey the duck industry, and then returned to his hometown to open large-scale duck farms and processing farms. big

From late 2008 to early 2009, Ly Bao Binh spent 2 million yuan (about 6 billion VND) to install cold storage, automatic duck production lines, incubation lines, …, lease 38 hectares of land to build production facilities and import 5,000 quality ducks high from France from a large farm in Chengdu.

From one person & # 35; Bankruptcy becomes a millionaire by raising ducks - 1

Li Baoping decided to start again by raising ducks and processing ducks

Furthermore, he sought out more than 30 farmers to work as branches for his agriculture, breeding techniques, provide ducks and those responsible for purchasing would be responsible on his side.

Around that time, he distributed more than 70,000 ducks to more than 30 farmers. After 31 days of maintenance, ducks can increase to 2.1 kg. Later, Li Baoping will buy back 7 yuan / kg (about 24,000 VND) to his facility to do initial processing, and sell to the market for 7,000 yuan per ton (around 24 million VND). VND).

Although the level of education is not high, but the work experience and opening of a factory in the coastal area for more than 10 years told Ly Bao Binh that in the early stages of business, the first thing to avoid is risk. ro. He believes that markets are always changing, and cannot just rely on livestock and slaughter, it is also necessary to find and develop more farmers to sell their ducks to them. Doing so has just had a large-scale effect, while ensuring that the duck meat market is reduced, there are also benefits from selling ducklings.

From one person & # 35; bankruptcy becomes a millionaire by maintaining ducks - 2

Breeding and processing ducks helped him produce hundreds of millions of dong per month

At present, the duck meat market situation is not as expected. Duck prices dropped from 8,000 yuan per ton to 7,000 yuan per ton. Nevertheless, Ly Bao Binh still sells 3,000 ducks, earns 3 yuan per child (around 10,000 VND), so every day there are still 3,000 yuan (around 10 million VND), plus sales of Destroying ducks, propellers, etc. Even in the decline, 100,000 yuan profit is still monthly (around 341 million VND).

Ly Bao Binh is an example of how important vision and business acumen. Want to do business, no matter how big or small, these are the two qualities needed for people who want to enter this field.

An Giang: Breeding

"I raised 200 children, but fortunately more than VND 200 million, and calculating profits of each VND 1 million."


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