Establish a "special government" without permission, the wife of the tax official requests her existence


Wednesday, January 23, 2019 09:00 am (GMT + 7)

On January 22, the Community Committee of the Dak Cam Commune, Kon Tum City, Kon Tum Province said that they were awaiting the final plan of the Kon Tum People's Committee to handle construction work on agricultural land that violated Ms. Le Thi Hong Tha in village 2, commune Dak Cam.

This building is an architectural complex that consists of many houses, huts and parks located on an area of ​​6,633.3 m2. However, in the file, this area only has 200 m2 of residential land, the rest is agricultural land. The Kon Tum City People's Committee examined the violations and determined the total area of ​​land use was 4,434 m2. In particular, where there are 1,283.3 m2 of land transportation planning.

Build & # 34; slit & # 34; Without permission, the wife of the tax officer was asked to survive - 1

Mrs. Cluster's gardens Le Thi Hong Tha

With this error, Ms. Tha was fined 1.5 million VND by the People's Committee of Dak Cam Commune and was asked to dismantle the works. However, Ms. Tha only received payments and was allowed to survive, at the same time changing the area of ​​land that had been built into rural land.

According to the Kon Tum City Community Committee, because of the construction area in accordance with the land use plan until 2020 and the land use plan for 2018, two treatment options must be proposed. First, dismantle all violations before carrying out procedures to change the purpose of land use. This is to ensure strict law. However, because investment in construction with a large budget, if the demolition will cause damage to the family and society. Second, allow construction that has been erroneously constructed. Investors must commit to change the entire violation area according to plan.

Le Thi Hong Tha is a loan fund officer, her husband is a tax officer in Kon Tum province.

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