Wednesday , August 4 2021

Defeating Djokovic, Zverev won the ATP Finals for the first time

Five days ago in the group stage, Djokovic easily beat Zverev after two sets, the world idea No. 1 will continue to defeat the German youth, but suddenly appears in the final. Zverev after beating Federer in the semifinals continued to be sublime to beat Nole in just two sets.

Zverev shows his true form with the strength and desires of the youth. Meanwhile, this is not a stable match for Noel, a Serbian player who has so many self-defeating mistakes, up to 20 errors, almost three times the number of winners he gets. Noel survived badly in the second service, only scored 35% (8/23).

Zverev was first crowned at the ATP Finals

Zverev was first crowned at the ATP Finals

Both breakout abilities are not good, but while Zverev allows opponents to break the game on one occasion, Djokovic has six times to break one point for a Serbian breakthrough. Four games With a more stable style, Zverev has won the right one.

"I really can't describe it. This is the biggest title I have ever won," Zverev said on the pitch after becoming the first German to win the most prestigious ATP title – called the "fifth Grand Slam". Boris Becker won in Frankfurt in 1995.

Zverev aligned with the final with extraordinary stability, and he made Djokovic take the lead in the first game, not releasing his opponent. After four good matches, Djokovic played poorly, leaving the opponent with the first break and breaking his serve. After a break on the hinge, Zverev easily won 10 matches and won 6-4.

Zverev defeated Federer and Djokovic to reach Final ATP

Zverev defeated Federer and Djokovic to reach Final ATP

The first two games of the set, the two players were unstable, Djokovic deviated more than losing the first two games to serve, while Zverev lost the first game. After winning 3-1, Zverev made Djokovic face many difficulties. Although the Serbian contingent in the game is fast, Zverev has maintained a gap between the two matches until the ninth game.

Defeating Djokovic in front of 5-3, Djokovic became a force to be reckoned with when he served in the match. The Serbian player continued to lead the match, after failing the first match-point. , Zverev made it in the second half to win 6-3 and finish the match in 1 hour 17 minutes.

Djokovic will continue to end this year with world number one spot

Djokovic will continue to end this year with world number one spot

Being the youngest ATP Finals champion since Djokovic, also 21 years old, was crowned in 2008, Zverev sent a clear message that he was ready to beat the top spot of the ATP rankings and start collecting the highest awards.

Zverev is considered the most capable tennis player in the new era such as Roger Federer, Djokovic and Rafael Nadal hanging out. He has proven himself to be a great one with great awards, but in reality Zverev has not reached the Grand Slam quarter-final, and he needs to follow the pace in the future to reach the top. more success.

Despite defeat, Djokovic still has good words for his junior opponents, he said after the match: "There are many similarities in the professional tennis trajectory of our careers. Hopefully he can pass me. There is plenty of time for him, praying well and winning more titles. "


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