Claimed because her face because her husband went to prison, the beauty of "the descendants of the Sun" suddenly caused public opinion to change when revealing chronic illnesses.


Last September, the beauty of "Descendants of the Sun" caused by Park Hwan Hee controversy when first showing off 7-year-old son Shin Hyung Seop because it is given is using tricks to get custody of children. The actress was also "stoned" because she always tried to hide the baby and her marriage to the rapper broke into Vasco during the appearance of "Sun Descendants".

Today (January 22), Park Hwan Hee suddenly caused a change in public opinion when posting an anxious state on Instagram, revealing that he suffered from Fibromyalgia (chronic pain syndrome, accompanied by many symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, depression) at the age of 29. Park Hwan Hee even stated that, he was very scared and dreamed that one day his illness would not heal. Many people worry about the health status of the actress.

Tried because of her face because her husband went to prison, beautiful woman. Descendants of the sun suddenly change public opinion when revealing chronic diseases - Photo 1.

Park Hwan Hee is a 1990-born actor who once appeared after the work of "Descendants of the Sun." Even though Park Hwan Hee only plays a vague supporting role, it makes Korean netizens fascinated by the beauty of young and beautiful girls like other girls.

Reportedly, Park Hwan Hee married rapper Vasco (now Bill Stax) from the "Show me the money" program which was popular on July 30, 2011 but divorced 15 months later. They have a son named Shin Seop. At present, Vasco has new people, and Park Hwan Hee still accepts a single mother.

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