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"Ca Mau flowers have a three meter ring" answered the cut-Fashion question

Monday, November 19, 2012 03:48 (GMT + 7)

After a busy period, Ngoc Hang Tea's latest beauty makes a fever when naked 100% of the body. And in the face of knife-cut skepticism, he insisted on gaining weight and lack of sleep.

Recently, flowers on the Mau Mau land suddenly show hot images with 100% naked bodies.

After a long time in hiding to focus on business, the recent beauty of Ngoc Hang Tea has made the public admire the picture can not be hotter. 100% naked body but full of art, not phang, naked. In that picture, however, it is questionable whether beautiful women have changes in three measurements and swollen, hard faces.

Ngoc tea hangs hot in the bathtub.

Beauty is also referred to as the beauty of a fiery figure with a round size of 3 "oversized" more than 1 meter. All thanks to a persistent squat for a long time. Ngoc Hang tea every day also regulates at least 40 squat movements per day. In the past few months, Ngoc Hang Tea's third round has changed dramatically. The old size is only 94 cm, an increase in current of 23 cm is 117 cm. With this size he was nicknamed "a beauty queen with a three meter ring"

Apart from changes in shape, over time, many people see a real change in Ngoc Hang Tea's face. Despite repeated statements, his face was inherited from Cambodian eyes with a large, straight nose or curved mouth shape, but Ngoc Hang Tea's previous images still made people skeptical.

He is also in three beautiful women who have more than one meter.

The beauty of their tea is beautiful.

However, the beautiful woman said:That's because I gained weight, normally I was only 55 kg but when I took this photo I was 57 kg, put the whole face. Partly because I don't apply makeup, lack of sleep should look natural swelling so people think so"

The beauty of tea is also straightforward: "I have no place to sleep, but take the time to make cutlery, aesthetics. If there is an improvement, I will accept, but not hide what must be done. People have asked me to do lip balm, repair nose, where to cut the jaw, but actually I already know how to make more makeup, hiding the hides and enhancing beauty on the face will look a little different.

Ngoc Hang Tea's cute appearance only goes to showbiz.

The strange face of beautiful people born in 1990. This photo is what makes many people suspect that he interferes with beautiful eating utensils?

In this close-up scene, her face looks beautiful, natural and wry laugh.

Beauty "tips" cheat "cheat" with makeup when drawing: lipstick out the edge to the lips look thicker, the contours of the eye so that the eyes look bigger and sharp ….

The beauty of the beauty "The best round 3 Vbiz" Ngoc Hang Tea:


Ngoc Hang tea is seen when wearing a dress with many openings along the body, the open side. "This is …

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