Bill Gates unexpectedly revealed his most successful investment


In an article published in the Wall Street Journal recently, Gates revealed the best investment he had ever made. That is the $ 10 billion he gave to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which flows to three organizations to increase access to vaccines and medicines for people in developing countries around the world. gender.

Gates said that the $ 10 billion was poured into Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; Global Fund, and the Global Police Eradication Initiative (GPEI). He said the investment was a great experience for him, because unlike other investments, funding for these three organizations was always successful.

Bill Gates suddenly revealed his most successful investment - Photo 1.

"Technology is a business when it comes down. I always think that only 10% of my investment in technology is successful, 90% will fail," wrote the world's leading billionaire.

"When I moved from my first career at Microsoft to a second career in charity, I didn't think my success rate would change much … I was thinking of finding a new vaccine too. It's hard to find the next technology" Unicorn & # 39; (But it turns out, finding a new vaccine is more difficult) ".

But there is a form of investment that surprised Mr. Gates "because unlike investing in vaccines or new technology, the success rate of this type of investment is very high," he wrote. "That is the area where people working in the health sector call & # 39; payment and supply (financing and shipping)."

Gates explained that buying and carrying medicines and equipment to places where they are needed can be a difficult and dangerous job, because the most needed places are usually remote villages or war zones.

He said most people had never heard of an organization that specializes in these tasks, or the work of the organization, but the three organizations he poured were "very successful … In fact. Maybe it was the best investment our funds have ever had."

Based on estimates from the Copenhagen Consensus Center, Gates said the $ 10 billion in funds poured into three organizations generated around $ 200 billion in social and economic benefits.

Conversely, if the $ 10 billion is invested in shares of the S & P 500 index on the US stock market, the profit rate in the past 18 years is only around $ 17 billion, including dividends. and taking into account inflation – said Gates, based on data from the Copenhagen Consensus Center.

If $ 10 billion is invested in energy projects in developing countries, then the benefits after 18 years will reach around $ 150 billion. If poured into infrastructure in developing countries, the benefits after 18 years of capital of $ 10 billion will be $ 170 billion.

"However, by investing in global health organizations, we exceed all the potential profit figures," Gates wrote.

"Organizations such as Gavi, Global Fund, and GPEI are the closest we have to ensuring the success of our efforts to reduce disease and save many lives," said the billionaire article. Rich emphasis. "It is the best investment that Melinda and I have done in the last 20 years, and will continue to be some of the best investments the world can make in this matter next year."


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