Asian Cup, Qatar – Iraq: Shoot a penalty to win the 24j winner's football


Wednesday, January 23, 2019 01:01 (GMT + 7)

(Video of football, football results, Qatar – Iraq, round of 1/8 Asian Cup 2019) The game has too many chances but is only determined by the ball phase.

Qatar is far higher than its competitors. They have strong public goods and modern gameplay. Qatar has Ali who leads the score list with 7 goals. Because of this, the football team was betrayed and determined to find the first goal.

Asian Cup, Qatar - Iraq: Make a decisive penalty kick - 1

Qatar entered the quarter-finals but has not conceded

In the 4th minute, the Iraqi goalkeeper faltered. They ignored Hassan in the penalty area and had no price. Luckily for Iraq when the crossbar was replaced by goalkeeper Hachim.

After this embarrassing situation, Iraq was alert and very dangerous in the counterattack. Striker Ali Kadhim has no less than 2 chances to score but unfortunately failed.

A few minutes after compensation in the first half, luck turned from Qatar. One more Hassan was denied by a wooden frame when the ball hit his Iraqi defender to hit the post.

After a pause, Iraq suddenly lifted its formation to mutate. In fact, they also created a moment of howling for the Qatar framework. However, fortunately it was returned fairly to the betel team. Al Rawi made a fantastic free kick from the 62nd minute which tore Iraq apart.

In the remaining minutes, Iraq did everything but could never break the opponent's net. As such, Qatar went straight to the quarter-finals (meeting Korea) but still hasn't conceded it once.

Final score: Qatar 1-0 Iraq (first round 0-0)

Value: Al Rawi 62 & # 39;

Player composition:

Qatar: Al Sheeb (1), Correia (2), AlRawi (15), Hassan (3), Salman (4), Khoukhi (16), Hatim (6), Madibo (23), Ali (19), Haydos ( 10), Afif (11)

Iraq: Hachim (1), Mhawi (17), Kadhim (6), Atiyah (5), Ibrahim (2), Faraj (11), Hadi (7), A. Kadhim (14), Bonyan (13), Al -Saedi (16), M.Kadhim (10)

Match parameter:




8 (4)

Shoot the goal

13 (2)



Corner punishment




It's time to control the ball


Yellow card


Red card


Save the lost

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