Tuesday , May 18 2021

"An Nguyen is" killing "Cat Phuong

Film producer Don't marry a mother saying that the proof of the risk that Cat Phuong is behind "snatch" is "killing" is always Kieu Minh Tuan-Cat Phuong and Huynh Dong's "Knowledge Mother" film.

On November 18, through an official fanpage, An Nguyen confirmed his love for Kieu Minh Tuan, all other activities were created by Cat Phuong for public relations purposes. Along with that, An Nguyen launched three screenshots of a chat group named "Mother Tue Team".

Although it was aimed at Cat Phuong but the proof of supply had caused a significant impact on the film Mrs. Tue coming soon.

This made actor Huynh Dong – co-producer of the film very headache because this scandal would greatly affect the film. "I am waiting for producer Ba Cuong to work abroad to meet and solve problems"

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he said.

Huynh Dong also insisted that the film does not have this group chat and public security messages in the chat group Mrs. Tue false.

This can be regarded as An Nguyen's first official step after the scandal and claim of the NSX film claim.

Dung Dung Binh Duong – NSX film Don't take my mother said: "A month ago, I personally called An Nguyen directly but not through management to invite a summary of the film but An Nguyen did not listen to the machine. Then An Nguyen's message returned to filming in Korea and said knowing NSX was not related to the two-person scandal. An Nguyen I was also surprised.

On my part of the message that the message given Security is real. One time An Nguy said that he had proof. I don't think it's Cat Phuong's message that for An Nguyen someone can send in the group to An Nguyen, even Minh Kieu Tuan can send to An Nguyen because love can read each other. Because the risk of acknowledging that they love each other, but not hot.

If An Nguyen makes a fake message to slander Cat Phuong, Cat has the right to complain, denouncing An Nguy to the police. But until now, Cat Phuong has not had official action. "

The drama hasn't ended 3 people yet

According to information, An Nguyen chose to release the evidence for fear of being sued by the NSX, especially after Kieu Minh Tuan returned 900 million to the NSX, Ms. Dung said:I have to correct information like this: After a series of articles Kieu Minh Tuan returned the money, there was a newspaper reporting that: After the NSX will recover the sand of An Nguyen's money but it was wrong. I

After this information, An Nguyet asked the people concerned: "Why don't you wait for the court to recover money?" Before that, I fully authorized the lawyer to continue to deal with security matters, awaiting court decisions, I had no right to get the actor's money back.

A Nguyen is not happy when Kieu Minh Tuan is happy with Cat Phuong?

Besides talking about the reasons for the risk of "throwing" by Cat Phuong, Dung said: "Personally, I think that when Nguyệt Tấn returned to happiness with Cat Phuong, the woman – especially the strong like An Nguyệt l who loved wholeheartedly and might suffer from betrayal so Danger revealed the truth.

With this truth, Kieu Minh Tuan has permanently lost credibility in the media and in showbiz, no NSX has the courage to invite Kieu Minh Tuan. This is An Nguyen "killing" always Kieu Minh Tuan, Cat Phuong and the film Ibu Tue.

"Don't marry me mother" on the machine

However, to lead a persistent story like today, the public said that the parties were unprofessional in handling the crisis. Many viewers are bored with story stories provided by parties who: "Really bored with this crazy crazy triad".

In terms of communication defects, NSX Dung Duong acknowledged: "I am an amateur with media, 1-2 new film productions are not experienced so this story goes so far."

For the current entertainment market, PR is important but everything must be in a clear plan. But clearly here, the parties have "wrong" a "step" and bear severe consequences.


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