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Saturday, January 19 2019 06:00 (GMT + 7)

Not only did he have a handsome appearance, Mai Tai Phan also "cut off the hearts" of the fans while raising his voice.

The "Mai Tai Phao" video sings "Whatever".

After 1 week of debut, "My Assistant" revenues announced reached 40 billion. Until now, My Tam's first film is still bombarding rooms throughout the country.

Apart from the attraction of My Tam and his return as an actor, Mai Tai Phan is an important resonance for the success of the film.

Can say, "My Assistant" was a breakthrough in the spectacular performance of the actor at Bac Lieu. Previously, Mai Tai Phan was used to participate in a number of music and film videos but he still had not made a lot of footsteps in the acting world.

Therefore, the surprise of Da Nang's original voice chosen to be a screen lover in the first film project of his career has created extraordinary effects, which are desired by every young artist. .

My man

My Tam and Mai Tai Phan in the movie "My Assistant".

Apart from looking handsome, dimples, recently Mai Tai Phan was also shocked by the rich emotional voice. Therefore, he accompanied himself and sang songs in the film titled "Whatever it is" by musician Binz. This is also the first time the actor has exhibited his original voice.

My man

Mai Tai Phan showed singing ability for the first time.

In the film, My Tam said, the original script did not have a sweet lip locking scene between him and Mai Tai Phan. However, when filming began and paid attention to the context and the right circumstances, both of them acted instinctively and Mai Tai Phan kissed My Tam.

When asked about the feeling of locking the lips of a beautiful young man, the witty singer said: "Like that, dear. Saying that once the kiss was finished, but actually had to kiss twice, because before the shooting, the two of them had tried lightly. Towards Mai Tai Phan, he was embarrassed and said:" Don't ask Phở feelings his eyes so he doesn't know anything. "

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