Aaron wrote an apology to his fans, denying rumors of a "three-handed agreement" with a gay lover


Recently, Central and Taiwan's entertainment village stirred in front of Aaron Yan's information – a male member of the Fahrenheit group was a girlfriend A former accused of "three-handed fishing". This ex-girlfriend released her sweet and intimate image about herself and Aaron Yan to prove the truth about gay male singers.

After the noisy booth that made the whole village boil, Yan Sun finally got a long letter to tell the whole story.

"I'm sorry I didn't handle my personal life, making my own affairs revealed like this. I always treat people enthusiastically, but, I'm just a normal person, has a disability, has a normal feeling.

Aaron Lynch wrote his apology to fans, denying rumors

Yan Shun denied rumors of "three-handed fishing" but acknowledged homosexuality

In human relations there are often unpleasant things, not handled properly, there are many places to improve. I am a person who does not want to have suspicion at the beginning of a relationship, I usually do not need much consideration exposing myself under the sun.

I used to love him very much, but when I broke up I didn't manage everything well, a lot of things happened because I was now surprised too. With people who hurt me, I'm very sorry. I will seriously modify, try to review, to be a good person, very sorry because this has hurt some people, sincerely apologize, also apologize to fans, friends, relatives Always support me, thank you for your respect and tolerance from the Company International Hoa Nghia. Those who have helped me along the way, I remember the bottom of my heart. I will also learn from this lesson. Finally, sorry for wasting valuable time in everyone's life to follow me, these personal things need not worry. "

The announcement officially recognizes that Aaron Yan is gay, let alone having time with his ex-girlfriend. But the male singer manager has eliminated rumors about "catching three hands", replying "In photo A, Aaron's hair is not his hair until 2018, so the time doesn't match. But actually, B and C are one person, no. There is a story about "three-handed fishing."

Aaron wrote an apology to his fans, denying rumors

It was known that A's ex-girlfriend had been dating Aaron Yan for a while. A always said that Aaron Yan loved him very much, in fact, the male singer of the virus also brought A to meet his friends, colleagues to debut. But then, accidentally found himself, Aramany passed with two other people, B and C. Immediately, A sought Aron for confrontation but only received cold and words. Farewell from male singers.

Aaron Lynch wrote his apology to his fans, denying rumors

Aaron and his girlfriend A, B, C

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