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A talented "female general", impressive in real estate

Sunday, October 20 2019 19:00 night (GMT + 7)

In the business world, the famous "steel lady" "Nguyen Thi Nga – BRG Chairperson or impressive faces like TNR Holdings CEO Pham Thi Van Ha," Dai Phuc Land's "female general" Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong … are names of power .

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga – President of BRG: Smart women will be the ones who take advantage of the unique qualities of women – namely strength, consistency, along with extraordinary tenderness, attention and sophistication. woman …

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga, President of the BRG Group: "Women today are very different from the old society"

Born in 1955, businessman Nguyen Thi Nga said he started his business in 1983 when he was just over 20 years old, when the country was not open. In 1993, he founded the first business.

In 1999, he made a turning point when BRG acquired the first international golf course in the North in Dong Mo (formerly Ha Tay, now Hanoi).

While attending the C200 conference on global business women – the meeting place of the company's business owner earning $ 15 million / year, he received many doubts about whether the minister's wife, Organization officials, or any sunbaenim was anything but not a golf course?

He replied: Vietnam has a very free and equal business environment, there is no discrimination between men and women.

After that, BRG decided to break the boundaries in the hotel and real estate sector when it had many accommodation companies throughout the country, managed by well-known brands.

Nga was one of the 50 most influential women in Vietnam in 2019 recently announced by Forbes Vietnam.

He said: "Women today are very different from the old society. The woman is now not only a good wife, a good mother, a good child in the family, but can also take on other important responsibilities. They are successful entrepreneurs, talented managers, leaders and national leaders … contributing significantly to the happiness of every family, the development of every business and the prosperity of the country. "

According to Nga, there is no standard formula for maintaining happiness, because every family will consist of members with different personalities and different desires. Smart women will be the ones who take advantage of the unique qualities of women – namely the characteristics of women who are strong, consistent, gentle, wise, subtle – to reach cities. career goals and home life balance.

Pham Thi Van Ha – President and CEO of TNR Holdings: "The family is the dock, only when parking is always stable, a career will succeed"

Ms. Pham Thi Van Ha – President and CEO of TNR Holdings: At the moment, after several years of screenings, the real estate market is a big game, not for young people or horizontally. .

The entrepreneur was formerly the Deputy Director responsible for investing in Vincom Group (now Vingroup) in the 2009-2013 period. Ms. Pham Thi Van Ha came to Vietnam real estate after deciding to return from Denmark to work at Vincom, then she was a PhD in finance at Copenhagen University Business School, Managing Director of portfolios, including real estate, at the B&M Analyst.

Entering the real estate field in this context, this attractive, energetic, and energetic woman has a very strong outlook "at this time, after several years of screenings, the Real Estate market is a big game, not for young people or crosses. Because of this, the person who made this game couldn't be brave. There is only one solution to be professional and specialized at each stage.

On the negotiating table or meeting with partners and customers, people often admire and admire Mrs. Van Ha for grandeur and youth and dynamism.

But when she returned home at the end of the day, the woman was a simple mother. Caring for her husband and children in her spare time is also a way for Mrs. Ha to relax after a stressful workday, capitalizing on his proximity to his children.

When he has more time or during holidays, Ha often travels with his family to give members more opportunities to connect with one another. This CEO always thinks that family is a port; Only when the dock is always stable, a career will succeed.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong – Director General Dai Phuc Land: "Women have a lot of motivation to create successful negotiations"

"General" Dai Phuc Land Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong: A woman will know when to retreat, when to go forward, how to make connection strength …

More than 20 years working in real estate, "female general" Dai Phuc Land has always considered efforts to "do better than expected". This is also a guideline that Thanh Huong has adopted in his overall lifestyle and management.

Huong said: "I find that women who are responsible for business leadership in real estate are quite a lot, but lower than men, maybe around 20%. And I realize for myself, these women have their own identities and impressions.

Actually, from myself I have never found an "underdog" but only saw many advantages. With women in business, they have high determination and are very ferocious at work. The woman will have a good understanding of her staff and customers. They have interactive harmony at work, internally and externally.

A woman will know when to step back, when to step forward, how to create the power of connection. This softness will help women have more advantages in working with a partner. I think women have a lot of charisma to create successful negotiations. "

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